Mac Blows Ferocious…

rae x elmo x mac

Make ’em jump like Rod Strickland

A wild shootout in Times Square left a dude dead. The early report is that dude was one of those kids who harasses you to buy his CDs of him and his other rapper homies. Some of these wannabe rapper dudes should stick to pumping peanut M&Ms.

On the dude they fond a card to a Virgina gundealer and on the back of the card was inscribed this line…

“I just finished watching ‘The Last Dragon.’ I feel sorry for a cop if he think I’m getting into his paddy wagon.”

Newsflash to rapper dude: You won’t need those weak ass punchlines where you are going. Those are your horns blowing on the CD and in wannabe-rapper thug heaven. But at least TuPac is the gatekeeper in thug heaven.

G’s up.

NaS – ‘New York State Of Mind’


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  1. Slumbilical says:

    clark kent’s air12 designery is ok but nothing spectack. his collection is crazy but if you have all air1 materials and colors at your disposal, shit better look super ill. they haven’t been flops but they haven’t been inspiring either.

  2. Slumbilical says:


    btw for my $, this is the GOAT sneaker. this was such an event when it came out, but i lost because i didn’t stay up on the release date. whoever has these and rocks them with the OG espo socks can shit on anyone at a party/sneaker event/etc, plain and simple. the espo air2 is simply that sneaker fiend’s wet dream imo.

  3. Slumbilical says:

    yo my son loves elmo. lol. just sayin.

  4. Slumbilical says:

    query: is there any greater of a loss than a neck tattoo. it could simply be the apex loss. the loss zenith. pinnacle lossage. the loss that puts any other loss to shame. it’s well and dandy the first night but a year later…a swamp of regret.

  5. Slumbilical says:

    I just finished watching Seinfeld.
    I feel sorry for this rapper if he think was writing rhymes well.

  6. Slumbilical says:

    I just finished watching Big Brudda…I FEER SOLLY FO YO MUDDA…(chuch)

  7. 40 says:

    I do not morn the loss of this dude. These CD hawking kids are more annoying than pigeons… I’ve had my share of confrontations with these niglets shoving their CD’s in my face.

  8. 6 100 says:

    The neck tattoo is the pinacle of homothugerry. I guarantee duke selling CD’s in time square has/had one on the neck line.

    DP the perfect response to a CD pusher is:
    “I don’t even listen to rap no more, son. You got any of that Emo-Speed Metal, my dude? Thats that real shit. Mad instruments, fam.” They look like deers in the headlights of a corn thresher.

    You know what shit weirds me out all of the time. Them big muscular niggas on the train with the excercise bands doing calisthenics on the platform. Like, son, you couldn’t do that in the park or at home?

    As for the peanut M&M kids. . . That seems like the perfect topic for the IC’s next documen-tagation. DP see if you can pull it off

  9. There are some esp. annoying dudes down on Park Row at Ann Street, right by J&R, tho’ I’ll give one ’em credit for saying “Yo, yo- Herschel Walker!” when I had my red University of Georgia cap on.

    I dunno who ever buys these things but if they’d gotta “grind” like that, I’d think it’d be wiser to get some kinda delivery job in the city and just GIVE the cds away; hit a lot bigger market that way too.

    Too complicated a story to fully get into now but do any of ya’ll remember white dudes who’d sell fruit and pamphlets on the Deuce back in the ’80s? They were in a crazy underground punk band from the ’70s called Chain Gang, had GREAT song called “Son of Sam” released BEFORE Berkowitz was caught. Since you can sell books/literature without a license, they’d hawk THAT– and a “free” apple, orange, watermelon, etc.

    Son of Sam– Son of a Bitch!!

  10. BIGNAT says:

    “They would first approach the tourists, then ask them their names, write their names on the CDs and then demand payment of $10.”
    i know thats is a fucking lie they could not spell half the names of tourists that come to nyc. the cops could have came up with a better story than that. something like this happening at that part of the city bloomberg must be having a fit.

  11. BIGNAT says:

    the only cd hawking ones i hate are the ones they tell you i see you all the time going here and there. i know you got some money how the fuck you know what i got. it’s like you be watching me you little fucking clown they were two who was cool. some guy that some person at xxl did a post on of street artist h the great. nice dude but i was not really feeling his music at all at least he was nice though. another guy named esco rizzo or some shit like that his stuff was cool be he cheated. he used half naked puerto rican women if it wasn’t for them i would have kept walking.

  12. Tony Grands says:

    Them cats get mad sensitive when you don’t wanna drop a 10 on ’em, like you’re disrespecting their craft. It’s like, you have to let them down easy or prepare for a battle, with him & his 2 weed rollers & his baby momma.

    The overly aggressive ones, I’ll just slide a buck to, because I’m sure they need the dough.

    Have you ever bought one?! I made that mistake once…Wow. If dude didn’t look like he’d rob &/or sodomize me, I would have told him he’d be more successful selling air conditioners to Eskimo’s. Or cigarettes to throat cancer survivors.

  13. Tony Grands says:

    They’re almost as bad as the incense/body oils cats here in L.A. Those dudes ask you if you’re interested, & if you don’t say “no” fast enough, you’ll have a lit stick of “African Lion Sex” burning in your fingers & “Butt Nekkid Jungle Monkey” oil dripping from your neck.

    My fav is how they all wanna give you a discount, as if “2 for 5” of some shit I don’t want to begin with sweetens the effin deal.

  14. BIGNAT says:

    “My fav is how they all wanna give you a discount” yeah you right about that they point to the last person that left them. i gave it to him for 6 but for you 4. yeah because i am special right? i am the 1,000th person to walk by you today GTFOH.

  15. ShonQuayshah says:

    was he watching the Last Dragon, or Berry Gordy’s the Last Dragon?
    enquiring minds wanna know!

  16. getthesenets says:

    haven’t been to the city like that in about 5 years..

    when I was out there..the annoying hustle was 5-6 chicks trying to sell you cologne or some shit…

  17. Tony Grands says:


    I did that shit for a company when I was 19. I felt like the bottom of a retail fish tank. That slimy shit that moves when fish swim by. Fake ass cologne, running up on people like a panhandler, in fucking wolf packs. I didn’t last one day…literally. 3 hrs, adios douche nozzles!

  18. quimby says:

    what u mean u don’t want to listen to my cd on these krusty ass headphones that everybody n their mother has put on?!

    Biggie predicted this exactly: “My mind’s my 9, my pen’s my Mac-10
    My target, all you wack niggaz who started rapping”

  19. getthesenets says:

    Tony Grande,

    what was that entire hustle about?

    why did they set it up like that….5 people trying to peddle cologne?

    I never knock anybody’s LEGAL hustle……but I never understood why/when they started hustling cologne in that manner.

    at ANY rate…..dude from the stime square story should have just taken the fine and kept it moving… there’s 100 active cameras in time square at any given time….so even if he escaped, he wouldn’t have escaped.

  20. the_dallas says:

    The Internets Celebrities had a mind one time to do a movie on the kids that pump candies on the subways, but those motherfuckers are madd clandestine

  21. getthesenets says:

    who remembers the tv movie “children of times square”…

    about the old times square and kids that were doing that other hustle

    shit had me shook

  22. Tony Grands says:


    Yeah, the company would make the knock-offs, & have a bunch of kids duffle-bag up & try & convince folks that it’s as good as the original. Some “you’re just paying extra just for a bottle” type shit. But, their whole thing was be aggressive, don’t take no for an answer. & you get paid by the bottle. Fux that. If I had those type skills, I’da sold dope, where the “real” cash is.

  23. getthesenets says:

    Where they messed up was having the 4-5 chicks approach dudes selling cologne…

    shit always seemed like a set up or something….

    must have been aimed at tourists because EVERYBODY knows you get the bootleg scents from the muslim shop/stands…oils… at least out in jersey we did that…

    thanks for the explanation TG

    Yo…I just realized that the note on the back of the gun shop card was supposed to be part of a rap verse

    really? REALLY? really?

    I’ve read this post about 3 times and it just dawned on me that dude was writing his bars on the back of the card….


    crack babies generation fully grown now…

  24. dmitry aka brooklyn jew says:

    I just dont pay attention to dos dudes dat ask me for der cd’s in da city. I just say i listen to techno which i really dont, just say dat so dey stop harassing me. one time when i was shopping in virigin mega store before it shutdown i bought BDP’s by all means necessary album once when i stepped out dudes just ran up on me and asked “ayy my man, wats up listen to my cd my name is two quarters im on track 15” right after wat he just told me just walked away.

    P.S. N.Y. State of mind is da best hip-hop track of all time (YEA I SAID IT!!!!)

  25. dmitry aka brooklyn jew says:

    oh and i love dat supreme shirt stilll want it or at least a poster of dat picture. I mean u got two dudes from wu in rae and cappadona dat r dat punchin’ dudes in da face music type makin guys and elmo and innocent icon figure to kids, its perfect, in its ironic weird way.

  26. getthesenets says:

    I remember when rae first started rocking the iceberg shirts with the bug bunny characters on them..

    i was like wow…only the chef could pull that off………

    to me that was even harder than the year actual killers were wearing the color pink

  27. FrankTruth says:

    Son, you got a man-crush? “oh and i love dat supreme shirt stilll want it or at least a poster of dat picture. I mean u got two dudes from wu in rae and cappadona…” [||]
    And I know we ALL lookalike but dat der is not cappacino.

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