The Boot Camp Clique Chronicles…

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Peace to Brooklyn Technical…

I’m not fuxing around with the snow and it needs to be taught a lesson. Timberland’s mountaineering boot series was the most hardbody package of boots they ever developed. They had to stop manufacturing them because they were too good. That is to say the cost of making the boots nearly exceeded the amount they could charge consumers. Little did they know, but at that time die-hard Timberland addicts would pay $500 for a pair of indestructible boots. Even the box they were sold in was invincible.

I shot Timberland an e-mail to see if they would provide us with a picture of what the #68023 Hiking Boot looked like in brand new condition. The e-mail reply said that the boots were last manufactured in 1998 and that there was no other information available for these boots. It looks like I’m holding the last pair of these joints still viable for photos. I’ve got a few scuffs on them but that adds to the overall character.

The leather on this series of boots is some of my favorite that Timberland has produced. I still have to flick up the elephant skin Iditarod superboots that I refuse to part with. You are all gonna love those, but back to these mountaineering boots. These are heavy as hell. This is not for dancing in. As a matter of fact I think these are for breaking rocks with your feet. I like how Timberland kept their branding subtle and embossed.

These boots were definitely NOT made for standing on a street corner, but if you were, you would be stylin’ on fools hardbody deluxe.

68023 hardbody
68023 hardbody
68023 hardbody
68023 hardbody

If the snowfall from this noreaster persists I will pull out the super official and rarely seen 60 belows.

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  1. getthesenets says:

    60 belows?

    20 degrees below the 40s?

    the boots in the pictures are bulletproof…

    I dig the Timb. historian/connoisseur posts…

    You know….before Jeff took over the company…they were fuxing up royally..just bad business practices and sloppy management.

    Jeff taking over and young black dudes(non hunters,hikers, and outdoorsmen) embracing the boot was the perfect storm. Saved the company.

  2. getthesenets says:

    and speaking of 40 belows?

    why doesn’t Das Efx get the credit for blowing those up?

  3. getthesenets says:

    and, do you use mink oil to protect your boots?

  4. the_dallas says:

    You remember whayt year Das Efx dropped? I copped my 40s in 1987. What should Das Efx get credit for?

    Mink oil and silicon spray were popular for a time and I used them when they first dropped but I stopped fuxing with that shit because it made my black boots dull looking. In all honesty, Timberlands be waterproof(for the most part) so adding that other shit was wild unnecessary

  5. 40 says:

    Love those Tims. Always wanted those.

    Are the Iditarods you speak of the ones that dropped in like ’93 as the follow up to the 40 Below? 10″ high joints that had the pulley/cantelever type lace loop right before the ankle? Super lined on the inside? If so I had those in brown. Caught them in Reading. Just got rid of them like 2 years ago because they just didn’t fit. Wish I had them today!

  6. $yk! says:

    Son I wrecked my pairs of these. Them & the negros. Scuffed the scuff out of them til I couldn’t scuff no mo’. Vibram is the best sole ever. On everything I bet you we were in the same stores copping the same thing and didn’t know each other. The way the world works.

    @ get

    C/S dP. Was rocking the 40’s b4 Das came into the game. Mofo’s laughed at me for having them until they wanted a pair…

  7. $yk! says:

    And my bro went to Tech, ex-wifey went to Loughlin. In ’83 I was in Pratt.

  8. getthesenets says:

    thanks dal and $yk,

    wasn’t trying in ANY way shape or form t oquestion dp’s timb pedigree. His posts detail such knowledge and expertise on Timbs (and a lot of stuff) that anybody who reads English could tell that this dude is over 20 years deep into the wind water earth sky biz.

    i mean look at the pic of the discontinued in 98 boot….I’ve got shoes from 08 that aren’t in that good condition

    Just a general question .

    Dal schooled me on how Harlem dudes brought Timbs to the forefront (in the era where you could generally figure out what borough a dude was from by his wears)…

    part of the timb story/legacy has to be who rocked what first in videos and such…I’ve had a 3 year ongoing bet with my people that das rocked 40s on camera before any other rapper?

  9. getthesenets says:

    Thanks for the maintenance tip ,dals,

    I’ve purchased every other boot but timbs in the past 10 years and ..and just like that famous book/roots album…”Things Fall Apart”

  10. getthesenets says:

    the 40s……are also the reason bishop almost got caught by the truancy cops after everybody broke out of the pool hall/arcade…..

    how can you outrun cops rocking those shits?

  11. the_dallas says:

    I bet we must have crossed paths even tho’ you are a couple of years my junior.

    I appreciate the feedback on these drops so I will def keep opening the OG Timb boxes in my archives. I’ve sold a ton of shit on eBay since 2000 but everything that I keep is all heirloom quality shit. As for running while wearing the 40s? Ask my dude Ambush how fast I used to book after snatching and grabbing.

    I’m gonna blow your mind with some of these vintage Timbs I have about to drop. The joints with the cantilever lacelock were one of my favorites that I retuned to Timb after I demolished them joints. That’s when they sent me these joints that were made in Italy. True story. Greatest boots of all time. ALL TIME! (c)-‘Ye Tudda

  12. getthesenets says:

    yo..what happened to []?

    blow your mind?

  13. $yk! says:

    “the 40s……are also the reason bishop almost got caught by the truancy cops after everybody broke out of the pool hall/arcade”

    ^ LOL

    No doubt dP, no doubt. I’ll holler 2morrow about that special order…I’m out to cop some frog legs…and cognac

  14. BIGNAT says:

    man running in timbs was always murder especially if they was new. these joints look like browns tanks. i remember one year i dropped a whole bunch of cash on some boots. i think they were called asolos or asolo. anyway the cost me 200+ looked real good could not last one good winter. i could have got me 2 good pairs of timbs for what a i spent on one pair of shitty boots. you live you learn you stick with the timb’s.
    @get don’t worry about it no one else is worrying about it

  15. BIGNAT says:

    @$yk frog legs and cognac sounds like a night of bubble guts. i am about to get the steak dinner going with some manischewitz

  16. I never had those Tims but remember the yellow vibram logo; they were slippery as shit on wet floors or rocks.

    @Syk, re: Pratt, do you know the underground cartoonist Daniel Clowes at all? He’s Chicago dude, went to Pratt late ’70s, early ’80s, great comics “Eight Ball” that had moderate pop breakthrough via “Ghost World” movie etc.

    Anyway, he has two stories based on Pratt that I love: one is “Blue Italian Shit,” in one of his anthologies, and the other is “Art School Confidential,” which was also made into a movie I’ve not seen but I highly doubt it translated well.

    In “Blue Italian Shit” some of the images of Murder Ave-style BK are v. evocative; Clowes portrays himself as a New Wave dork. “Yo, Devo!”

  17. the_dallas says:

    Blow you away = [ll] because it has no clear definition as to what is being blown, but blow your mind is still legit

    Thanks to El Gringo Colombiano the [ll] symbol now belongs to the internets but believe me I will whip that shit out when necessary [ll]

  18. AMBUSH says:

    “That brotha was fast as lightening”

  19. $yk! says:

    @ WWIB

    Don’t remember. But I do recall a Danny. We hung out tough on Murder Ave (Myrtle Ave). He did a piece in my black book. But I’ma google that in my cognac stage. If that’s dunny I’m in orbit spinning.

  20. the_dallas says:

    WWIB and $yk,
    Unless y’all personally know someone who was murdered on Myrtle its kind’a disrespectful to call it Murder Ave. You are invoking as opposed to acknowledging.

    And I know y’all knows the ‘ledge.


  21. onetime4yamind says:

    As always knowledge dropped. Much respect.

  22. fosterakahunter says:

    Those Mountaineering joints were the toughest; still wondering how I don’t have mine anymore.
    Who remembers that article in the Source, probably back in ’93, when the head of Timberland (presumably Jeff ‘Swartz’, what they call Black people in parts of Deutsch-speaking Europe), stated that while he was happy that wearers in urban locales were purchasing their product, Timberland was not expressly manufactured for them. Or, something to that effect. Also, I just read that Jeff Swartz is an “active Zionist”

  23. $yk! says:

    1. My homies sister got run over by the B54

    2. My 2 young homies got abducted, sodomized and murdered

    3. My other homie got his brain matter stuck to the asphalt.

    Ain’t proud of it either.

  24. Damn, $yk, tough days– and the B54! It’s no consolation at all but folk was getting run over on Myrtle from the start of electric cars (trolleys) in 1880s.

    I’m once removed; very close friend, white dude, living on Ryerson just off Myrtle in early ’80s, dealing weed to support his growing junk habit. He was foolishly lucky, at least until the Feds caught him coming back from Jamaica. His friends– some of them older jazz cats even– weren’t so fortunate. There are, of course, many more, and many worse stories.


    MYSTERIOUS– Several residents in the vicinity of Myrtle Avenue Park have been greatly agitated within a few days past by rumors of a murder said to have been committed in a shed near the hotel of Mr. Hanft, and causing him great annoyance…
    — Brooklyn Daily Eagle, August 3, 1867


    A Murderous Stabbing Affay on Myrtle Avenue

    The Victims Account of the Butchery– A Cold and Unprovoked Attack

    At 2:30 A.M. on Sunday, Morris Murphy, aged 35 years, a hatter by trade, and residing on the third floor of a frame tenement house, 130 Franklin Avenue, was ruthlessly butchered in the public streets…
    — Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 16, 1874

    etc etc etc etc

    Not that these things have been written about, anywhere, since their occurence; hell, how many people will even remember Raymond Street Jail, which was right there for 130 years on the west side of Ft Greene park through the mid-1960s?

    The street renamed was “Ashland Place” to hide that history, which included hangings in the 19th century, some particularly nasty when the rope isn’t set right.

  25. $yk! says:

    “Raymond Street Jail, which was right there for 130 years on the west side of Ft Greene park through the mid-1960s?”

    ^ i forgot about that too…

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