eye fux

When I have a camera in my hand I have to document that WTF shit.

Walk with me…

eye fux

MightyHealthy granted me a late pass for my Roc Marciano tardiness.

eye fux

This is the Shaun Price crest.

eye fux

Hipster dude just cracked open a new pair of Chucks. Peep how he laced his joints. Respect.

eye fux

Them boys towed my shit AGAIN. Over $600 spent in tickets and tow fees in the first quarter of this year. Call that shit urban taxes.

eye fux

Zeeked! LOL

eye fux

Why homeboy had his shit sculpted into a box shape like a 60yr old Larry Blackmon? I bet this dude is living the ‘Single Life’, but that is because he is living alone.

eye fux

I want to be a forensic expert on vomit. Peep the width of the spray. Study the chunkiness. WTF is that shit? Skin?

eye fux

Solace and I were in the liquor store copping bottles for the Shaun P baby shower when we came across this bottle of wine. And there you have it.

15 Responses to “EYE FUX w/ TRUE STILLS…”

  1. *I NEVER learned how to lace my shits straight across. Too much pride to be taught, not enough common sense to figure it out. Tell that hipster I said “fuck his talented fingers!” Pause.

    *I used to study my Earl forensically, back when I was drinking, to make sure there was no blood in it. And then, there started being blood in it. Guess where I was immediately following?

    *Check your stats, DP. I sent you some “new friends” over the past couple days.

  2. Supreme says:

    D.P. you know that Mighty Healthy Late Pass shit funny as hell right!!??

  3. the_dallas says:

    iFux with MightyHealthy. So should you.

  4. “I need a sweet bitch.” – Andre 3000

  5. RTHSTN says:

    That MH late pass is genius

    When I see vomit:
    1st step is get the kicks out the way, 2nd see what they ate, 3rd keep it movin

  6. Vomit>>>diaper diarreha(sp)

  7. BIGNAT says:

    that guys fro looks bulletproof

  8. sean p 4real says:

    Rappers vomit!!

  9. DirtyJerz says:

    Sweet Bitch!?!?!? Smooth & Fruity Merlot? LOLz

    Gots to add that add that to my bar!


    yo D…the Shaun Price crest will become a classic! The shower was fly, def had a great time…Alejandro (the mastermind) had that jam on cruise control…lol. Peace to the God P! (Henny Negro) and the Mrs. for the great hospitality. Shaun is gonna be dipped with all that ‘Lo! Btw, Glad MH looked u out on that late pass, cuz Roc is that nigga! Wait till you what we got in the stash….lmao at that ZEEKED! flick….that term goes beyond a terrible hair cut…ZEEKED! is the original “Piyush.” Lets go back to the ‘ville for some of that “Sweet Bitch.” We gotta migrate thru C-Town to see what our exclusive merlot is. ‘Lo End Theoretics. Let’s get it.

  11. sean p 4real says:

    como esta usted?

  12. 40 says:

    P! you can only get that shit in the Carribbean. Unless you got the illy Barrington Clinton Winston Tuh Rhaatid the Third hookup pon the foreign side!!!

    Rappers Drink.

    40 Diesel Drewpreme Reigns Supreme!

  13. the_dallas says:

    Sean P alias is Henny Negro and TimelessTruth frontman Solace is Henny Blanco.

    We was in the radio station chillin’ with Timeless and they cracked open a bottle of Hennessy white. That is the white that I fux with ALL zee time.


    dimelo P! que lo que??! we maintaining…….never mantannin’…ya tu sabe, working hardbody…Pechunga is waiting for the new addition just like y’all are…how are the purple patent leather frada’s treating you??? lmao! get at me my G, we all gotta get up at Alejandro’s soon.

  15. Tiffany says:

    This is a funny drop DP! The chucks look nice, fro is crazy, analyzing the vomit is disgusting! You and your camera 🙂

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