Kid Cudi – ‘Day-N-Nite (Crookers Remix)’

Premium Pete isn’t working with Premium Laces any longer, but he still keeps dropping the premium designs. Pete calls these joints the Glow-posites. They are the Penny 1 Foamposite with an upper made entirely of 3M material. The kicker is that the soles are glow in the dark rubber. These joints are too futuristic for even Nike to compose.

The Penny 1 Foamposite is one of Nike’s most iconic sneakers. It changed the game as much as the the first visible airbag did. These shoes are the looking glass to the future. Super lightweight and virtually indestructible and unlike most of the Nike retro styles the Foamposite’s price point has barely changed. This is the ONLY sneaker on the market worth $200.

Premium Pete just designed a shoe that eclipses the Air Yeezy in design and value. Pete also knew I would enjoy the Kid Cudi reference. Premium Pete has some other Foamposite designs on tap that are sure to keep the internets going nuts. Would someone at corporate please fly this man to Beaverton so we can get at least one of his designs into production?



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9 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. sean p 4real says:

    i need a good basketball sneaker
    peep this
    i just got put on the converse celeb team
    i havent played basketball in years
    i played high school ball (graphic arts devils)
    and a few bullshit hood tournaments but that was a while ago im nervous as hell
    my 1st game is may 1st
    dallas i need u 2 design the megasean basketball shoe
    i can at least look good while i make an ass out of myself

  2. $yk says:

    It’s official. Moon boots have arrived.

    But I would rock them in the club on some Glo-Worm status.

  3. sean p 4real says:

    im serious b

  4. Stevemega says:

    Foamposites are the truth, mike bibby may look like batboy from national enquirer but he knew kept his shoe game thoro at Arizona.


    lmao @ P! lemme know when the first game is kid…i can only imagine all the wild And1 moves you gonna be doing. Snuffin niggas before finger rolls and all that….lol Priceless. Get at me my G!

  6. The Megaseans must come with a small device in the heel, so when you land, it makes the noise from the song, uhm, the cartoon…

    *tries to figure out how to spell wichchichoochachochoow*

  7. Jimmy Choo just put some battery-operated kicks on the market that have glowing straps. Shits are like 2G’s. Next time dudes see an extra ragged chickenhead cluck by, just know she’s saving her dough for space stiletto’s.

    Or the bitch is just raggedy. Either way.

  8. BIGNAT says:

    Grands i seen them joints only the most bold of chicken heads going get those. i don’t even see whats the point of the lighting up with the step. these bitches are rocking l.a. gear heels they going get laughed out the club.

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