Das Racist: Shut Up, Dude…

das racist

Last summer Rafi Kam turned me on to the alt-rap wunderkinds Das Racist. In many ways they are who I can imagine I would have been if I had the talent and reckless abandon to make rap music, or any music for that matter. Smart, funny and incredibly talented at appearing NOT to give a fux, all the while, REALLY giving a fux. The world is a cruel place and Das Racist wears a coat of armor made of unforced farce. But don’t call these dudes ‘joke rap’ either or you will be missing the point. Das Racist is reality rap. Albeit altered reality. I fux with these dudes. For real.

Das Racist just released a free album called ‘Shut Up, Dude’ and it highlights their zany, focused, multi-culti-influenced rap style. If I had to put this album in a genre I would call it coke rap, but not where you are selling it, where you are taking it. The mistake you are making is looking to find a reference point for Das Racist. Can you imagine what the love children of Afrika Bambaata and Ayn Rand might rhyme like?

It’s called Das Racist, now shut up, dude…

Das Racist – ‘Who’s That Brooown!’

Das Racist – ‘You Oughta Know’

Das Racist – ‘$1 Can’

DP.com fanboy videos are in order. You’ve been warned.

das racist

16 Responses to “Das Racist: Shut Up, Dude…”

  1. bottomlesspedro says:

    “Internet Celebrity like Dallas Penn and Rafi!” Chea! I had initially dismissed these dudes as some hipster BS but these guys are definitely dope.

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    You call what they exhibit talent? Just some jokesters using rap as their vehicle, nothing else.

  3. the_dallas says:

    first of all, counting bars and rhyming on beat takes talent. secondly, what rapper isn’t a jokester using rap as a vehicle?

    honestly, once you explain yourself you should know that I will shred you.

  4. atifl says:

    dope mixtape from em, rhymes are funny as hell.

  5. Ernest J. Paniccioli says:

    Dallas Penn, How dare you write a sentence like this
    “The world is a cruel place and Das Racist wears a coat of armor made of unforced farce.” and leave us hanging like deez nuts in Kanye’s throat and not follow up a verbal diamond like that with a book?
    I’m going to rally all my militant and dangerous Bi- Polar friends and boycott you until you sit down and write said book. Then I will buy the first ten copies have you sign them and give them to my 9 best friends and 1 enemy.

  6. MyohMy says:

    I fux with em!

  7. fosterakahunter says:

    First of all, sneaker brotha, I’m FOSTER. Secondly, too many have proven that rhyming on beat and counting bars does not necessarily take talent, though I does help, no OJ Da Juiceman. Thirdly, your acumen is insufficient to shred me. Lastly, I gave these dudes another listen upon reading your comments, and I get the joke, plus rhyming over that Dipset classic gets props. They still appeal primarily to the white hipster set of Williamsburg. Their next collab will be with Grizzly Bear, right?

  8. the_dallas says:

    I had to call you forest because you was talking retarded

    I might could get you a DasRacist x Meyhem Lauren collabo, but you seem like you have your mind made up already

  9. ofayslayer says:

    Cmon Son. The beats are aiight.(scenario sample was used nice). That said

    they ain’t all that. They sound like sum random SXSW ethnic hipster


  10. Russ the Bus says:



  11. dapwell says:

    “SXSW ethnic hipster rappers(matisyahu,yelawolf)”

    2 COMPLETELY DISPARATE THINGS. Also, the use of ethnic was a nice touch.

  12. Fosterakahunter says:

    Fam, I’m rocking my own Foster-formulated Meyhem compilation over here.

  13. the_dallas says:

    Let me know what you need [ll].

  14. russ the bus says:


  15. CtrlAltMalik says:


    I fux with Das Racist

    DP you have to do a video for that One Dollar Can joint. Arizona’s FTW!

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