Actor Randy Quaid and his wife were arrested and jailed last week because dude skipped out on a ten stack ($10,000) tab at a resort.

I love the zany Randy Quaid that I see in the movies and it’s refreshing to see that dude stays in character even in his real life.

This debacle has reminded me to NetFlix the 1990 comedy ‘Quick Change’ where Quaid stars alongside Geena Davis and Bill Murray as their accomplice in a bank robbery and a nearly botched attempt at escaping from New York City. ‘Quick Change’ is vintage Bill Murray comedy. Every time I watch that joint I nearly kill myself from laughing. Quaid almost steals the movie too as the neurotic partner-in-crime Loomis.

quick change


  1. getthesenets says:


    this is one of the most offbeat funny flicks EVER…..

    too many funny scenes to describe….

    the guy who plays “Monk” on tv … hilarious in this

    Pay your tab, Randy………

  2. never saw the flick but regarding mugshots–

    this reminds me, when I’m down in the Tampa/St Pete area visiting fam, FLA is way into public mughots. There’s some monthly magazine that’s ALL mughots Pinellas (St Pete, Clearwater) and Hillsborough (Tampa) counties and even the websites of the major papers even run a mughot ** stream ** (right side, scroll down a bit)–

    I’m of two minds there; it is public record, of course, but what about the folks who are innocent, false arrest who are now on public blast?

    It’s interesting too how, to my knowledge, NYC doesn’t do this; would people rather NOT know who Bloomturd and Kelly are locking up and if so, why?

  3. Damn. I forgot all about that movie.

    Bill Murray might be the goat of dry humor. In fact, the episode of ‘American Chopper’ with him getting his Caddyshack bike is even hilarious.

    I always that Randy Quaid had a touch of “the syndrome,” in real life. Joan Cusack, too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  4. dmitry aka brooklyn jew says:

    I fuxin love dat movie. shit came out when i was born. But caught it when i was like 8. My fav. part is when dat dude from monk is in der jim belucci i think dats his name. And when ders like mass confusion goin on and ish like dat. lol.

  5. quimby says:

    The mexican joust scene in that movie is hilarious. Peep it:

  6. fosterakahunter says:

    If he’s like me, maybe poor service was the reason for the skip.

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