Got Earth?

gulf oil spill

My TWitter timeline didn’t really give a shit about Louisiana last night.

gulf oil spill
gulf oil spill

All I know is people living on the coast better bring the pails to the beach so they can rack up on some loosy crude.

You know you can make plastics from that shit? Word to George Carlin.

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  1. $yk says:

    The crawfish and shrimp prices are about to gp sky high.

  2. $yk, the only good that came of this is maybe Birdman will get covered in oil…

    New Orleans Picayune has a good graphic showing what the fuck’s going on down there–

    It’ll be interesting to see if Obama does go down to Louisiana; I bet advisors are torn. On the one hand, IT’S FUCKING NEW ORLEANS– wake up!!! Again. On the other, it’s a bad look to have the President holding a tar covered egret when he was just pimping this shit a couple months ago.


    $yk $idenote: I’m still shaking in fear over the your thought of Em + Choir at the Grammy’s on that new song of is. Children’s choir? Gospel choir? Gospel children’s choir!! (And I like Em but that chorus– pee-fucking-yew.)

  3. $yk says:

    Wait, aren’t the military drillers in Haiti right now, thus the slow response? I remember the other day on the news they said the spill was contained.

    ^ The only real thing to help clean that oil is a hurricane, the irony.

    BP=Chevron I have both gas credit cards.

    ^ I fully expect the AZ Nat’l Guard to mobilize shortly.

    $idenote: Probably the most culturally diverse choir ever known to man. But he finally made his ‘Man In The Mirror’. That chorus is callous-n-da-ashtray nasty.

  4. Nice– I wish this was some kind of parody but anyone who’s called Obama nothing but a cheap corporate whore was… apparently correct.

  5. BIGNAT says:

    george carlin is one of the goats of comedy his concepts at time are like he is writing rhymes. if you don’t think so go back into some of his material. that pipeline bullshit is crazy they cut off value was placed high on the pipe because they didn’t feel like going down to the base to place it. are you fucking kidding me no one ever thought that was a bad idea i swear people who are smart. make the worse choices it’s like the more smart you are the less common sense you have. it works in reverse as well the dumber you are you lack common sense as well. you gotta be right in the middle to truly be rational

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