Money Makin’ In The Building…


The Roots listening session for their latest album ‘How I Got Over’ was lastnite. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that I replaced the H2O in my body with cognac because you already know that. This project is long awaited from them, at least on my side. I loved the ‘Rising Down’ album they put out back in 2008.

My homeys Dice Raw, Truck North and STS were in the building along with Questlove and Black Thought. An offshoot of the Roots movement is this rap band called The Money Makin’ Jamboys. Think of SlaughterHouse level lyricism coming thru with a Philadelphia flair.

Money Making Jam Boys!!! from Bee Jay on Vimeo.

This rap collective is different from SlaughterHouse because none of these dudes feel the pressure to prove themselves. There’s just a quiet confidence in their mannerisms and their style. I’m super hype for the Money Makin’ Jamboys project due out this fall. They’ll be on stage at the Roots picnic in Philly. Signup with Philly 360° for the chance to come to the picnic on an all expense paid trip.

Jamboys will mos def be in the building.

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5 Responses to “Money Makin’ In The Building…”

  1. ENIG says:

    Money Makin Jam Boyz? haha, that was Faison Love’s group in Fear of a Black Hat right?

  2. king blair says:

    I wish them rumors a few years ago of Beans joining the group were true….too bad that nigga done screwed the pooch with the dis Hov fest. I know him and BT were in a group together as teens

  3. king blair says:

    RIP BIG happy b-day if only you and Jay coulda did one Commission album all would be right with the world

  4. Glenn says:

    Any shows coming to Little Rock. Let’s make it happen.

  5. getthesenets says:

    I’ve been waiting for a complete album from MARS,Dice Raw,Thought and Malick B ever since Clones came out…

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