Dice Raw – ‘100’

dice raw 100

Here’s another little treat I got for y’all courtesy of my nig Dice Rizzy.

Fux with this single of his titled ‘100’.

This is classic Dice Raw microphone murder, death, kill.

And of course, my nigga keeps it 100.

“You like a half-off coupon, I’m nice like a jar of Grey Poupon. Pass me the mic, I need something to poop on.”

Dice Raw – ‘100’

dice rizzy

5 Responses to “Dice Raw – ‘100’”

  1. Jaislayer says:

    Peace to the DP.com fam,
    Dice has been killin shit since “The Lesson Pt. 1” off the Roots second album. That dude is a monster on the mic. Folks have been sleeping for to long on Dice Raw. They may need to be taken to school. The Lesson PT 1 has to be in the top ten Roots song. That shit has crazy energy.

  2. Jaislayer says:

    As far as the song “100” I won’t be able to hear it to I get home, cause the iPhone be on some bullshit. These fools only let you watch YouTube or porn videos. By the way thanks for the porn videos, but we need flash on this phone so I can enjoy DP.com [ll]. My bad for the rant DP. Peace.

  3. hl says:

    This is quite gully. Dice Raw is underrated.

  4. cocotaso says:

    always good to hear dice get busy. son kinda lost me with his solo shit, sounds like hes back on track.

  5. the_dallas says:

    I like the beat too. Shit is ominous

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