Laserbeam Rap Is Back…

kw pew

*pew, pew, pew!*

Complex magazine hollered at the kid again to participate in their rap music roundtable review they call ‘The Consensus‘. This time around we were to drop a few words on the new KanYe West single featuring Dwele titled ‘Power’. It’s a good song that I could envision being on the ‘808s & Heartbreak’ album. Musically it fits into that groove while lyrically KanYe is rapping and not using the spartan repetitive prose he employed in 808s. Or the autotune.


This what the fux I’m tom ’bout. That Eminem single you sent out was great for retahds and losers to get dressed to, but this shit here is what a Wall Street daytrader showers to in the morning. All ego with no apologies. Like Jordan shooting free throws with his eyes closed.

One day in the near future someone will uncover 808s and wonder how our culture produced that futuristic album but couldn’t follow up that movement. KanYe dialed his shit back to put this together and its still gonna be a crazy single. The live instrument concert version will be off the hook.


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6 Responses to “Laserbeam Rap Is Back…”

  1. ian says:

    yeah that shit is bonkers.

  2. Love this new shit… and i bet its gon sound diff on the album. This aint polished to yeezys standards yet… thats drum fill in on the break is off beat, and his “Obamanation” bars was off

  3. the_dallas says:

    Yeah, I felt his verses weren’t razor sharp so I couldn’t stan with a 5/5 but this project def feels epic like Graduation was

  4. Fosterakahunter says:

    His verses are never quite razor sharp, but, I heard he applied for some heat makin’ producers on this next LP. We’ll see. Dude can pretty much out whatever type record he wants now, and cats will still go in for it. Kinda like Jay-Z. :/

  5. t-mart says:

    wheewwww thats what the fuck im talkin bout. shootin freethrows with the eyes closed… peace

  6. ewoka says:

    the new ye joint is hot, def got a good vibe to it. I’m still waiting till he gets into movies, he’s got actor in his blood. Puff trying it wit get him to the greek so idk why ye hasn’t followed common on the actor trail

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