Celebrate National Running Day 2010…

nb nat running day

and win a pair of New Balance shoes!

Now y’all know how I feel about running for no reason, but as part of my promise to Chocolate Snowflake to become healthier and increase the quality of my lifestyle I’ve become more active at least in walking. Little things like eschewing an elevator or escalator for stairs and walking to my favorite supermarket (PathMark Atlantic Terminal FTW!) are part of the program.

But I am also admittedly a rewards-driven animal. My new favorite sneaker company is stepping in with a promotion that is right up my alley. [ll] to something being up my alley. New Balance is giving away free sneakers on June 2nd for National Running Day, and you don’t even have to be some psycho sidewalk jogger to win yourself a pair either. It’s as easy as going to NewBalance.com and creating a profile.

If the global epidemic of obesity in developed nations is secretly some alien plot to fatten us up because that will make us taste better at the armageddon BBQ then you are going to need yourself a pair of shoes that will help you run faster when the proverbial shit his the fan. If and when those stinking aliens catch me at least my feet will be comfortably stylish.


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