The Boot Camp Clique Chronicles…


^ Props to cocotaso for the link

The day grizzle has me up in some fancy spots again where I can’t walk around in sweatpants and a hoody.

To spruce up my summer steez and transform myself from a schlep to the quiet as kept prep school fool I caught these simple sole moccasins at the South Street Seaport for $40 cent.

Chocolate Snowflake’s co-sign was assured when she spotted the nautical theme inside of the moc’s insole lining. Not that she’s all shallow like that, but for the fact she knows that I am.


I’ve been having direct correspondence with Timberland over the past few weeks as I have tried to convince them to issue me a pair of moccasins in lieu of a return authorization that I have held with them for several years. A pair of sandals I bought failed me so I sent them back. Since the RA# that was created was for those sandals they won’t let me swap that out for the mocs.

Not even if I add some chips of my own.

At Timberland, a customer’s brand loyalty is only going to get you as far as a free pair of laces. Heaven forbid I might should take advantage of them. I’m happy with my mocs tho’ even if they aren’t the classic three-eye joints with the lug sole. The next order of business now is to satisfy this existing RA# before they cancel it. All this weblogging and TWitting I do about their products isn’t the kind of PR they really want.

I should be more like DirtyJerz and photograph my collection in front of a gorgeous waterfall backdrop.

I reviewed the sandal offerings available right now on the Timberland website and I ended up feeling the Front Country Adventure Sandal. This sandal speaks to my aspirations of returning back to my friend’s upstate cabin where I run thru the forest mostly naked except for a Polo Sport knit hat and a pair of Timberland on my feet, natch.

So tell me internets, which color do I choose?


Black Sheep – ‘The Choice Is Yours’

8 Responses to “The Boot Camp Clique Chronicles…”


    ^I copped these last summer. Only take them out when it’s 85 degrees or better. $40 as well, if I’m not mistaken (shout out to Shoe Wearhouse).

  2. Soundwave says:

    You can never go wrong with brown. Unless it happens to be the color of your skin at a klan rally.

  3. cocotaso says:

    “I’m happy with my mocs tho’ even if they aren’t the classic three-eye joints with the lug sole.”

    w/ $10 discount these are going for $85 shipped. a deal around my way.

  4. BIGNAT says:

    go with which ever color you have less of. personally i would take grey brown is not matching up with everything like the grey would.

  5. $yk says:

    I’d say gray too. If u have the mocs in brizzown switch it up with the sandals.

  6. Smear says:

    Can’t fux with sandals… and I’m Aussie. I’ll wear flip-flops over them shits any day…

  7. Robbie says:

    Sandals are ghey. Those boat shoes up top though? Affishual.

  8. fosterakahunter says:

    “That’s minimal and feminine like sandals.”

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