Vado x Young Dro = No’Lo


A few months ago we listened to the Vado song ‘Polo’ which we thought might be an homage to the most Hip-Hop clothing line of all time. It wasn’t hardly worth the space in my DivShare account. So now Vado recruits another ‘Lo come lately fan for the remix – Young Dro.

Vado featuring Young Dro – ‘Polo’ (remix)

Between the two of these numbskulls they couldn’t name a single piece of official lifestyle. They aren’t just trendhumpers and dickriders in their lyrics, but also with the imagery they use to manifest those rhymes. Here are some of the pics from the video shoot they just completed for the song.


Are the chicks on the wings holding croquet mallets? Aspiration lifestyle fail to whoever styled these broads.


Obligatory posse shot with no one holding any vintage heat. They must have just come from the PRL section at Macy’s. SMH


Okay, I can’t hate on the toggle sweater.


Now I gotta go burn my rugby.


Is this dude Dro rocking ‘Lo or Rugby?



22 Responses to “Vado x Young Dro = No’Lo”

  1. Don mcCaine says:


    last pic KILLS it!

  2. Krashone says:

    Fuckin clowns

  3. BIGNAT says:

    the orange in that sweater is offensive yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Krashone says:

    I got love for allthings Lo. But Lo dickriders get just that , the dick bitch ass since when uptown / Harlem niggas rock Lo, fuck outahere.yo d thats a ruby joint that dro got on it’s more of a Lo country type I.t. My con. I guess them niggas ain’t cool whit ya boy yezee an his girlfriend queen tazz so they can’t rent the gully shit for a video shoot.wtfe

  5. Krashone, seems like Uptown cats started rocking Lo heavy the last few yrs…….

    Originally I thought Vado was paying the proper homage, dunno about this look….

    As far as Young Dro, he is one of them niggas who got on Lo after he got his first advance check a couple yrs ago and act like he’s an inventor and innovator by buying the outfit off the rack in Macys and rocking it like the mannequins do.
    I remember going to Atlanta in the 90’s and being looked at like an Alien for rocking Lo and Tims while they was rocking flourescent green wallabees or flip flops and socks……….then this Young Dro nigga spends his record label advance on a season of outfits and got to thinking that he started a trend circa 2005…negas been corny as fuck!!!!

  6. Krashone says:

    Lol.^^^ you always had a few heads in the know. back in the early 90’s I hit feaknik an all the rap type conventions and we stood out like the fresh dudes we are an that’s any ny cat that gets around and really us bk tue blues(no diss) to anybody from my town. but fuck all the style jacking these cats could never survive the live era of the80’s pont blank .frauds got delt whit off top. All them rap cats are food. Stop trying to do what’s already done and done’s just not of them annoying things in life that don’t matter to the grand sceam of the u-n-i vers!!

  7. Brooklyn 'Lo says:

    Got no words for this. Isn’t there a FlightClub that sells vintage Polo for those who are challenged in that area?

  8. DirtyJerz says:

    Sports Authority croquet mallets? Bwahahahahaha! FOH….all these youngn’s w/these been-had videos and these clowns couldn’t take a lil time and search for some pieces that are remotely vintage?

    Mall fresh is never a great look, B

  9. 2Amaze says:

    Corniest thing of it all is that they spawn lames in there wack essence. I’ll keep it Interlock till further notice.

  10. LEX says:

    The chicks look good to me. I personally prefer vintage lo myself, but I ain’t mad at Vado n them for reppin what they’re into. I’m more disappointed in the sound that’s presented on this one than the look. This is what a lot of the younger uptown kids is into these days. There’s never been anything wrong with people rocking whatever Polo appeals to them. A lot of people think the older stuff is too loud to rock, and that’s on them. I say let the man rep what inspires him. If I can’t relate, then it ain’t for me, but that don’t mean it shouldn’t exist.

  11. Flyphilly says:

    In total agreeance with Lex. They’re not trying to be the Lo heads from back day. This is their time. I’ve been wearing Lo for over twenty years and continue to do so, but I switch it up with the years. No disrespect to the dudes into the vintage era, but I’ve already did that. I love seeing the old shit, but I also rocks with the new shit. Be proud that Lo is still going strong. It’s just a new day. Shit, even the Rugby shit carries on tradition. In my city(Philly), Lo has never went out of style. Niggas rep the Lo shit hard out here.

  12. the_dallas says:

    I ain’t dissin’ new styles but the’re rules to rocking the lifestyle. Show ya’ elders some respect.

  13. twerkolator says:

    dp, what’s the deal out chea big homie?! it’s been a minute, but you know it’s always love ’round here.

    what’s up with these fuck niggas on here talkin’ wild reckless behind this polo shit though? i’m SO sick of NY niggas acting like they invented polo.

    at the outset though, let me acknowledge the fact that it’s retarded to be on blogs beefin’ with niggas about some white man’s shit that we don’t even benefit from. that being said, sometimes being retarded is necessary, so here goes…

    some of y’all NY niggas need to slow down with the bullshit and get y’all fuckin’ minds right. we BEEN rockin’ ‘lo in the ATL since the 80s and i got the pics to prove it.

    @marcus respekt – if some people looked at you like an alien in the 90s for rockin’ ‘lo and tims, that’s because we didn’t wear that shit down here. THAT IS AND WAS A NY STYLE OF DRESS. and get the fuck outta here with that fluorescent green wallabees shit. i was born and raised here, and been here for 36 years and ain’t NEVER seen niggas rock wallabees of ANY KIND (let alone fluorescent green). flip flops and socks, yes…wallabees, not so much.

    and i could say the same thing about how people in NY looked at me when i came up some years ago and rocked my ‘lo – an homage to the look that was popular in the A back in the 80s and early 90s (a more preppy look with the tretorns and all that). but i didn’t trip because i knew that wasn’t how NY niggas wore their shit.

    like flyphilly above says, niggas been rockin’ ‘lo in other cities (philly, chicago, atlanta, etc.) for well over twenty fuckin’ years.

    as far as i’m concerned, niggas from anywhere can rock ‘lo however they want to as long as they’re fresh. the only problem to me is when niggas be wack with the shit (but that’s THEY’RE problem).

    the man himself, DP, has personally seen how i get down and can vouch for me. and i respect him as an architect of this style shit, so it is what is.

    and by the way, young dro is representative of a certain kind of wack, tacky polo style SOME niggas down here do. any real ‘lo head down here knows better that and does not co-sign that fuckery. dro can spit, but his polo style is trash (and he swear he be killin’ shit too).

  14. the_dallas says:

    This is my point my dude. If a nig say he is heavy with the lifestyle then he should be a representative of that. Wearing only shit from the mall is like someone calling themselves a sneaker fiend and only having four pairs of general release AirForce-1

  15. twerkolator says:

    dallas i can definitely dig that. niggas on here still talkin’ reckless in the comments though.

    but to show i’m a real mensch, all the heads out there can take an additional 15% of already reduced prices this thursday, november 4 through monday, november 8. head over to the site and enter NOV0410 when you check out.

  16. Tysonzz says:

    Dis dude DaLLAS like 40 years old still buying nike dunks with the matching outfit. Son living the teenage hypebeast lifestlye yet is mad at niggas rockin the new Polo stuff. Grow up my dude

  17. the_dallas says:

    Nah fag I ain’t mad at niggas rockin’ lifestyle right, but your pants is too tight.

    You sound like a nigga who likes rappers who use a backing track because they got no win(d)s.

    Get ya’ style up chump.

  18. Tysonzz says:

    You mad doggy?
    Cmon b you like 200 pounds , 40 years old going to sneaker events made for teenage hypebeasts. Its bad enuff Clark kent almost 50 still rockin loud ass Neon pink hats with matching shirts and air forces but you over here in your 2nd childhood hating on youngins style breaking your moms furniture watching comic view.
    No hate, just let these new niggas get their shine u sounding bitter like Hilfiger when his line got urbanized by the hip hop community.
    yo just for the record I got Indian heads, P-wing and fly vintage shit as well as newer shit, No marshalls.

  19. the_dallas says:

    Never hating, just congratulating official fresh lifestylers. You sound like an jackass by gifting ‘Lo or any real style to a teenager when all teenagers want to do is look like they is older.

    We never do hypebeast shit here at since whatever the hypes do we did twenty years ago. True style is everlasting and not just trending. If you fux with the dickriders and the trendjumpers that is your biz and you should keep it to yourself.

    If a nigga say he rock ‘Lo then he had better ROCK ‘LO or else he is just wearing that shit because it is trendy, ya deeg? BTW, you sound mad generic about your vintage collection. I don’t believe you, you need more people.

  20. Tysonzz says:

    Cmon B, it aint no hate just facts. You mad at niggas for faking a lifestlye of what Polo always portrayed in their ads, some a rich extravagant playboys surrounding by bitches. Now sure they aint white but these niggas living the lifestyle more than you ever did and will. Not saying you dont get pussy but im sure your bitch lookin like Beanie Sigel sister.
    You talk a good one but is you really good son?
    Hating they aint rockiin vintage pieces yet you over here copping a flea market Shark tee tryna match it up with some 2010 hybrid nike trainers. B atleast do the OG nikes , you over here hating on new LO while dick riding the new Nike hybrid trash.
    Where they do that at?
    You tryna fit in at your sneakerhead events but dont realize you tryna stunt for teenagers……
    with young dudes it’s them he wanna be like. It’s sad but it’s fun to him right? He never grew up 31 and can’t give his youth, he’s in his 2nd childhood …
    But yo real talk when we was rockin that Lo back then it was straight outta macys this 2010 where u think da new niggas is getting it from?
    LOL son I aint gotta prove nothing to you fashion wise, RRL jeans and cashmere sweaters, have fun digging at your local Marshalls.

  21. the_dallas says:

    You keyboard ass coward. I can stunt harder than your favorite rent-a-rapper and I’m broke. I’m glad you follow my site. I’m sad that you don’t know what the fux you are looking at. Real recognize real and you sonn are unfamiliar to me.

    Does a nigga who masters advanced physics feel a kinship to those who are in remedial arithmetic classes? Only if he is a jackass. It ain’t never been about new or vinatge(old) ‘Lo but the respect for the lifestyle and how to rock it.

    You have already proven to me that you lack the minerals and vitamins, irons and the niacin. Get your style up at macys or with your momma’s chargecard like a teenager does. I’ma do my rap grown man style.

  22. Tysonzz says:

    son rap grown man rap style gotta end sooner or later. U gonna be lookin like Russell simmons when u 50 wearing argyle sweaters and yankee hats. We as grown men need to embrace our inner CLyde Fraziers and stop living in the snow beach era.
    Sad thing is I dont follow your site but still respect your grind, cant front other than the hating on the new cats getting they shine, you aight.
    im just busting your chops, Vado and Dro’s polo song is mad corny and the videos even worse. Still I hate when niggas act like they invented shit.
    then again i just hate to hate Good looking out on your responses, shits were mad entertaining….

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