Prison Is America’s Last Industry…



Prison Economics Help Drive Arizona Immigration Law

Public Enemy – ‘By The Time I Get To Arizona’

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3 Responses to “Prison Is America’s Last Industry…”

  1. I’m sure “we” will read all about such things in the fucking Jay-Z book– won’t we?

    Won’t we?

    And speaking of Arizona–

    “And there are no black people in Arizona.”

    This is, of course, before the great “war on drugs.”

    I don’t have stats at hand but it’d be v. interesting to see the #s of % incarcerated then & now, and whom.

    Also, for the children–

    Motherfuck Jay-Z.

  2. Brooklyn 'Lo says:

    If you’ve ever been in a New York State government office all the furniture is manfactured by Corcraft, a prison corporation. And, yes, it’s true license plates are made in prison.

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