A Message From Ernie Paniccioli…


I keep my friend Ernie Paniccioli at bay by constantly posting pictures of sneakers on this site since they are like Kryptonite to him, but obviously something must be on his mind for him to e-mail me directly…

Dallas, In my 63 years on this planet I have never seen a stronger video than this.

It describes the theft of 9 Trillion (with a t) dollars and no one goes to jail.

If this were really a nation of laws and Democracy both Obama and both houses of Congress would be sent right to jail.

Instead the media and the voting population are focused on Lady Gaga, Gay marriage, witches running for office, rent is too damn high and who’s zooming who.

And the saddest part is many so-called “Activists” are e-mailing me and reminding me to vote.

This video makes Bernard Madoff look like a piker.

Peace, Ernie

P.S. I hope you have the testicular fortitude to post it.

[ll] to my own testicular fortitude. And I still endorse the political process to my friends. Let them know you are out here even if the process is an elephant and jackass show.

10 Responses to “A Message From Ernie Paniccioli…”

  1. Ernie Paniccioli says:

    My humble apologizes to you for doubting your nut size (II).
    Next time you see a Brother get 5 years for a liquor store hold up or a Bodega heist think about that in relation to 9 TRILLION dollars.
    Question: Would you trust this woman to even guard your paycheck? Even if she boosted 1% for herself that’s enough to buy Rhode Island.
    And we argue over lunch money. Can you even imagine what 9 TRILLION DOLLARS looks like and can you imagine having the nut size (II) to say “I dunno” when asked by a Congressman what you did with it or where it is?

  2. sYk says:

    yo Ernie…good looking…ure input DOES NOT go unnoticed…believe this pearl yo…

  3. VEe! says:

    A math teacher told me once, if you get caught stealing $100, $1,000 or $100,000 then you will be treated like a criminal.

    If you steal a million dollars, you will be exonerated, liberated and celebrated.

  4. Chris Paniccioli says:

    Notice the lack of interest. There are too many empty seats. Clearly the media didn’t cover this monumental event. They would much rather throw us off by reporting Charlie Sheen’s drug habit & sexcapades with hookers, or Mel Gibson’s cell phone BS. Realize the Inspector General, like any countries past or future President, is a puppet; because this is somewhat of an open forum (the public is aware) they are told to use quotes such as “I do not know” “we are unaware” “we are in the process..”. WTF?!! If she isn’t doing her job, who is?

  5. Ernie Paniccioli says:

    and you forgot the magic words: “I can’t recall”.

  6. VEe! says:

    At least the lack of interest is consistent. Go to any popular site, blog dealling with entertainment with an open comment forum and Gibson, Sheen, racist rants or Diddy’s latest affairs will garner more attention than an informative post.

  7. OptimoPrimo says:

    Thanks for posting this. One of the reasons I am most excited for the drops from this site more than any other in my Google Reader feed is cause of posts like this.

  8. Senor Mills says:

    Props to Ernie and Dallas for this one..

  9. El Gringo Colombiano says:

    RIP to the political careers of 2 of the illest DC politicians, aka only ones that are worthwhile & not Corporate Whores like Obama & ReThugs.

    Alan Grayson (FL) who, was in that utube Ernie posted

    Sen Russ Feingold (WI)

    If there US “democracy” is worth a damn, 1 of these 2 will run in 2012 Pres primary & knock out Obama. Yeah I know, pipe dream [||]

  10. El Gringo Colombiano says:

    or if only a person from the African diaspora can challenge Obama in a primary, go with

    Donna Edwards (MD)
    Keith Ellison (MN)

    both also excellent progressives

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