ORENTHAL Thought He Could Cross Over Like HARDAWAY…


No PAT ROBERTSON to the rest of this post, but who wants to start the ‘O.J. Assassination Date Pool’?

Not that I think he deserves to die for his wife and her fag pool boy’s murders, but wouldn’t O.J.’s death make white happy again? It’d be like Christmas day with a present from JOHN WAYNE, BOB HOPE and J.EDGAR HOOVER under a burning cross tree. Lovely.

What most people realize is that O.J. lived the life of a princely, privileged Black man. He even thought he was white himself(that’s why I don’t care if his wig gets peeled). He had it made in the shade, and even though he was a shitbag to people and even an abusive husband he wasn’t one of the dudes that merc’d those two white that Sunday evening. Peep the exclusive DP dot com scenario straight from a notebook in a San Quentin prison…

O.J. SIMPSON was a trick ass lame. He knew that his wife’s yayo money was due and he was fronting on making the payment. That’s prah’lee why that cokehead bitch had that fag playing her so close. She thought that homo could stop the bum rush. That’s what he gets for not having enough actual talent, but in Hollywood, holding peoples’ bags is considered a talent. O.J. thought he knew the day that the goons were coming and he planned on taking his ass to Chi-Town to fall back with his folks. That would make him look like a good guy who happened to be visiting his parents when his estranged drug addict wife was killed. He thought they’d strangle her or something polite. After he found out how grisly the scene was he had a little bit of a shit fit. He wondered if these dudes would lean on him for the tab.

Thank goodness for good ol’ JOHNNIE COCHRAN. He smacked the shit out of O.J. in prison and told him to shut his fucking pie hole. If he could keep from being a pussy and dry snitching on the coke dealers JOHNNIE would be able to get his ass off the hook. And what a masterful job JOHNNIE did by displaying the ultimate truth which is that O.J. SIMPSON wasn’t one of the killers. O.J. SIMPSON knew that his wife was about to die, but he wasn’t one of the dudes that ripped through her and the fag pool boy’s throats.

Still and all I predict that some regular white that is pissed off from watching USC tumble in the AP BCS rankings will take a shot at O.J. It might even be someone from Notre Dame next weekend.

21 Responses to “ORENTHAL Thought He Could Cross Over Like HARDAWAY…”

  1. The Old 40 Bastard says:

    “Not guilty, y’all got to feel me… O to the Jizzay, Simp to the Sizz-on…”

    America’s just mad when someone outside of “The System” gets a victory especially if one of their own is involved in the case…

    One a side note during one of my forays into the snowdrifts I found myself blurting out “Bitch don’t make me OJ your ass…” during an argument in the car. (Even though I think he didn’t do it you have use the mentality of supremacy to get your point across. As a tempermental ex-football player myself she understood and made me some Hot Pockets.)

    Rock on Orenthal…

    (LOL- Is that the dude from “Girlfriends” about to serve it up?)

  2. Amadeo says:

    Man we had a training with an activity involving this case. In the lead up it mentioned that O.J. peeped shorty bobbin on some other dude before the murders and he just got out on her citing his kids were in the house. If you don’t kill her when you witness pole smokin’ you probably don’t kirk out just cause a dudes in the house. I still want to know if they so made about it, how come Kato don’t get the Ray treatment. This homeless prick becomes a 15 minute star.

  3. Nigeria says:


    From the looks of the above article it looks like he is deliberately goading an antagonistic, scandal hungry media for his own ends, which is pretty tasteless.

  4. Vee says:

    “What most people realize is that O.J. lived the life of a princely, privileged Black man. He even thought he was white himself(that’s why I don’t care if his wig gets peeled).”

    How so? How did he live a privileged life? Do you know about his personal trials and tribulations before football? Or how he was perceived by his football teammates? He thought he was white? Was it a statement he made or something that led you to believe that?

    Come on, be fair and stop taking unneccesary shots at O.J. I’m almost sure that some people will probably end up saying that Will Smith or Tiki Barber thinks that he’s white. Or people calling M.C. Hammer a sell-out, never realizing what he did for hip-hop. Or calling people Uncle Toms without ever reading the novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

    Anyway, I’m glad homey has not/is not paying the $33.5 million civil suit judgement against him. And for the record he was proven innocent of the criminal case. So, he’s innocent.

    – His new book is a bit much, let the dead rest, and leave Big Homey, O.J. alone, he’s just trying to get his paper. THOSE freaking vindictive fools (media, general public, and Nicole’s fam, etc.) ruined homeys life

    Uhh . . . so when is the next Freedom Friday?

  5. ELOHEEM STAR says:

    Cool Scenario but O.J. was in a gang and did a stint in a Juvie. You can’t grow up in “Da Hood” with a name like Orenthal and not be tuff.

    Not a fan of the dude but it’s another classic case of unforgivable blackness; meanwhile Baretta is aloud to live out the remainder of his life as a footnote.

  6. ELOHEEM STAR says:

    ^^^^ Take it how you want but O.J. once said “I’m not black I’m O.J.”

  7. Lion XL says:

    Man, people worked up over opinions…..

    Realize this, certain individuals, no matter how much you like them, no matter what you want to believe, are not who you may think they are! OJ had problems with the black community, period. If you listen to his interviews, or read statements he made, you can tell he sought comfort in the economic world of whit folk, period. He thought/knew he was black, but still felt his place was among white middle/upper class. It is what it is, and we should accept that.

  8. Vee says:

    ^ Lion XL,
    Yeah cool, I feel that but in all reality, he knows he’s black. Bill Cosby has problems with the Black community, he identifies with the middle/upper class. Cosby, OJ, Sammy Davis, Morgan Freeman, all the same thing.
    * Note, Morgan Freeman once said, I’m not a black actor, I’m an actor. Does that mean that he too wants to be white?

    Jay-Z is reportedly worth $300 million. I’m sure he’s going to identify with millionaires – upper/middle class. And sooner or later people will begin to take shots at him, if they haven’t already. 50 is definitely seeking comfort in the economic world of white folks.

    Black celebrities got to walk a tight-rope to be percieved a certain way and accepted by their community as “keeping it real” or being black – whatever that is. Many black celebrities have had problems with the black community for comments made, their perception, what have they done, not done and who they associate themselves with. It doesn’t mean that they want to be or act like they’re white – whatever that is.

    Just bored at work . . . uhmm, when is the next Freedom Fridays? Holla!

  9. thatwhitedude says:

    OJ def thought he was white, Lion XL is right, and as an alum i appreciate the Notre Dame shout out, we are gonna whoop up on USC and go to the championship game in AZ (no OJ assassination).

  10. welfare baby says:

    oj killed her but this is it im begging can black people please stop playin the race card?please oh pretty please. he didn’t kill her so why did he run,left the suicide letter and what about the blood?please stop it with the race card for everything im begging.if a white man had killed a black woman ya would be begging for the electric chair ,just check out what happened in duke these kids didn’t do it but black people still want to hang them.please stop it with the fuckin race card fuccccccccccccccccck

  11. welfare baby says:

    please stop it with the race card and everything that happens is not because you’re black.

  12. Candice says:

    Whether he killed her on not….you can buy his new book…IF I DID IT and read all about how he would have killed her…had he done it. LOL

  13. Tony says:

    Hummm, I like the story of what might have happened with the drug dealers and all but I always thought it was much more simple: I’ve seen what child support and alimony payments can do to men and it’s no shock that it would drive a guy to take somebody’s head off. As for the “fag pool boy” That’s just NICE. I was always a little bit disgusted that the media never brought up the guy’s history and were content just to paint Juice as a cold blooded killer while revealing little about the unsavory character of his wife and her pool boy.

    However, I have to remember in all this that I don’t care about ANYBODY in this saga except the ultra talented Kato Kaelin who it’s impossible not to like and made a better witness than A.C.

    Oh, one last thing KC connection wise . . . Remember the Marcus Allen (former Chief) defense? Allen banged Nichole but didn’t get the knife so OJ couldn’t have been the killer . . . Now that Drug dealer defense is starting to make a little more sense.

  14. Militant black man with the white girlfriend says:

    Because of many diffrent reasons when Blacks in amerikkka become rich, successful or yield some power they tend to gravitate toward white people. One of the reasons why many black communities are fairing so poorly is that the minute we accumulate wealth we flee to the burbs leaving our less fourtunate and uneducated behind. The rich and educated are needed for any communitiy to flourish. I belive as men and especially as black men no matter what our social or monetary stature is we cannot seperate ourselves from ourselves. I will critisize O.J., Michael Jackson my manager and any one else who holds white people in higher esteem than there own.

  15. the_dallas says:

    ^yeah and all that, but be honest, #6 from Battlestar Galactica got that sweeeeeet P.U.

  16. ELOHEEM STAR says:

    #6 can get it!

  17. Militant black man with the white girlfriend

    Best Blog Poster Name Ever.

  18. LM says:

    Good frickin’ lord. I’m still learning things about this case and these people when I tried tuning it out around November ’94. I didn’t know Ron Goldman rode around in Nicole’s Ferrari (Wikipedia) or that O.J. and Kato went to Mickey D’s in O.J.’s Rolls on the night in question. I guess I should have followed the trials.

    O.J. laying out how he did it is rich. He’s been a sad man for a long time in my eyes, since before he retired as a player in the late ’70s. (Not that I knew so back then.) He was a sublime running back and then he sublimated himself to celebrity. Whatever troubles he’s been through I think he wakes up every day thankful that he’s still famous, and the only regret he would have had about going to jail is that it’s harder to stay in the public eye behind bars.

    Too bad his knees went bad.

  19. john smiff says:

    First of all, black people need to stop defending people no matter what they do, because sometimes wrong is just wrong. This man being “one of us” is BULLSHIT. What the hell did OJ ever do to help anybody aside from himself? And even if he didn’t do it, the motherfucker is still a wife beater. The fact that OJ beat his wife is bad enough; that he would write about “If I Did It” (as if it were…hypothetical) is just sick and disgusting. That woman was the mother of his children. It is sick, sad, and disgusting that he would exploit something so tragic to put himself back int the spotlight, and there is no way in hell I will watch anything that has anything to do with that pathetic sack of wife-beating shit.

  20. Militant Black Man married to a Black Women says:

    I have to state that OJ displays all the classic symptoms of Black self hatred, whether he killed his wife and the pool boy or not, the guy just needs to get back to making those great cameos in the Naked Gun franchise…..

    As a result:

    Leslie Nielsen’s career can be revived and white folks can once again enjoy his hilarious cooning again (which, unfortunately could spark demise of Cuba Goodings annual award show Buck dance!!!)

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