Could It All Have Been So Simple Then…

bk tech

Editor’s note: Hail Meg!

Brooklyn Technical High School: 1986

Boys just want to have fun…

A Gang Gives a Name to Students’ Fear: Decepticons

Twenty five years ago I met a dude that helped show me all the potential that NYC held for those that weren’t afraid to bite the apple. Peace to Avalon, ThunderCracker and Megatron. The Stone brothers and the French brothers. Hell’s Kitchen Park was sometimes the meetup or maybe just Cuyler Gore Park off Fulton Street.

The Albee Square Mall was the Duffield Theater back in the day. If you ever heard of someone getting ‘duffed out’ then you just learned the origin of that phrase. I owe NYC so much and I keep giving back my soul. Peace to the fallen because those are my heroes.

bk tech
bk tech
bk tech
bk tech
bk tech
bk tech
bk tech

Hail Meg!

14 Responses to “Could It All Have Been So Simple Then…”

  1. VEe! says:

    Love the photographs.

  2. Jaislayer says:

    I remember those days. It was some real “protect ya neck” type shit. You did not wanna get caught out there. It wasn’t just the “Decepts” there was “The Hollis Boys” and “The Master Race aka TMR”. Any mention of those crews coming thru, cleared the block early.

  3. Krashone says:

    “Sign of the times” My con.!!! Hail Meg to all our fallen brothers and sisters!!!

  4. kayos says:

    did mr hoftyzer work there even way back then????

  5. the_dallas says:

    Ha, Mr.Hoftyzer was one of my teachers. What I learned from his class (and several other tech drawing teachers) enabled me to drop out of high school and go directly to work

  6. Crazy! And you know I had that Coca Cola Rugby. Red and white tho’

  7. DP– excellent pix; a little old Albee Theater history for deep background–


    Her mother Florence Williams, obtained a job as manicurist in a barber shop next to Brooklyn’s famous Albee Theater. The theater manager and his wife were crazy about the pretty tot and frequently served as baby sitters while Flo was at work.

    They would sometimes tie Cara to a seat in the back row of the movie house and leave her to watch the flicks. She learned to recognize all the famous movie stars almost before she could walk or talk.

  8. kayos says:

    Mr.Hoftyzer’s son AND daughter work there now… i went to my 10 year reuinion, and the son still looks like a HS kid. he was fresh outta college when i went there… #damntimeflies

  9. the_dallas says:

    Hof’s son and daughter teach at Tech? Makes sense to me because like I said to you, what I learned from dude in my technical drawing classes allowed me to work professionally as a draftsman. Tech was the kind of school that gave you those kind of skills straight out the gate.

  10. rafi says:

    Oh shit, I went to school with the young Hoftyzer. Really cool guy. I didn’t realize his dad taught at Tech too.

  11. mrdilligaf456 says:

    Wow, memories don’t live like people do…
    I see Avalon(rip), Gary, a young and crazy Frank Nitti and too many heads to I can’t remember their names at this moment. Do any of y’all rember Ms. Loeb, the prototype lesbo gym teacher straight from central casting. Or Coach Cuzz, rocking the toupe? Those were the days.

  12. King blair says:

    I wasn’t much for pics in my youth cuz we aint have digital cameras laying around and the ninjas who had polaroids were mostly douchebags. But n oi w I wish I cronicled my journey more in depth. All I got in the stash is pics of titties, not a bad trade off

  13. khal says:

    Yeah, I failed at documenting my youth.

    I like learning one new thing from DP a day.

  14. DonJesusMedina says:

    I fucking hate that i was born in 1996 when every i see pictures of N.y back in the day i just think how fucking gay it is over here now you can’t even steal a arizona ice T without getting shot or going to jail meanwhile all these old Lo life And Decept niggas talking about stealing 100’s of dollars worth of fly polo shit. Fuck Jewliani

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