What Is Africa? Who Is Africa?


My single drop in February recognizing Black History Month isn’t going to be about the state of the African American condition here in the United States. Black people in the U.S. are more marginalized than anytime in history since the Civil War. A very small number of Blacks (under a half a percentage point) exist in the upper classes of American society. The rest of us are cannon foder. Like Sean Bell and Danroy Henry. I don’t really have any hope for us, but I held out some hope for Africa to get they shit right.

When I say Africa I mean ALL of Africa. From South Africa to Algiers. Unfortunately, all Africans don’t fux with all of Africa. The Arabian diaspora isn’t fuxing with the sub-Saharan Africans. The Islamic diaspora isn’t fuxing with the Hebrews or the Christians. Africa is still as paralyzed from the vestiges of colonialism as America. Without the civilization from the upper Nile would Egypt have been as dynamic or dynastic? Africa needs to recognize its interconnected networks.

I found myself recently reminiscing on Marcus Garvey’s dream of pan-Africanism as the events of north Africa unfolded over the past several weeks. Would other states in Africa throw off the yoke of despair from despotism? The black soil of Africa is still the epicenter for what we annually call Black History Month. Wherever they go we will follow. Revolution or evolution.

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  1. Bananas says:

    “The black soil of Africa is still the epicenter for what we annually call Black History Month. Wherever they go we will follow. Revolution or evolution.”

    Dallas, in what way do you think American Blacks are connected to Blacks in Africa? I’m sure this all boils down to personal experience, but I see no connection between us over here and them over there beyond the historical realities. I realize plenty of brothers and sisters get a lot of inspiration and strength from the idea of Africa as our homeland. However, if the fates of the millions of African Americans in the U.S. was actually linked to those in Africa, I’d think our culture would be more, I don’t know… African?

    Aren’t we the most American of all the ethnic groups because we were cut off from our roots? More than any other group, we had to start from scratch in this country. To me, that’s why our culture is so unique, because we weren’t allowed the luxury of being able to call on our ancestral traditions (due to the realities of slavery). That’s not to say we shouldn’t care about Africa, or recognize it as the birthplace of black people (and every other kind of people for that matter), it’s just that I’m not sure the connection is ACTUALLY there as much as some of us just WISH it was there.

    I’m a little younger though, maybe older generations of black folk feel different about this? What you think Dallas?

  2. puerto-black says:

    Word to Fela

  3. Soundwave says:

    There is always talk of the disconnect between Africa Africans and African-Americans. There lies the beginning, identifying. We are labeled and so easily adorn these labels as we would a merino wool polo v-neck.

    Whenever I speak to persons of other than “black” nationalities, they rarely label their nationality with the American stamp attached. Although they may be as far removed from their home nation as I am from Africa. Italians will say, “I’m Italian. Jews will say, “I’m Jewish. etc. Not even those from the West Indies do it. When have you heard someone from there say they were Jamaican-American or Trinidadian-American?

    If one disassociates itself from a thing, it becomes desensitized to that thing. So when one million Africans murder eachother in a tribal beef…as a whole Africans in this country barely bat an eye.

    Years back I watched a special on Nightline where Ted Koppel did an expose on the Congo. His last statement is one I have never forgotten. He said,”2500 people die everyday here and if I was not here to report it the world would never know”. [sidenote:That number was from malaria alone]

  4. boi-dan says:

    Lets remember how Africa got in its current situation:

  5. Soundwave says:

    To be able to slice up the entire continent of Africa without the input let alone the presence of one hue-man. Oh, unless you count the servants present. The game is definitely being perfected in the middle east.

  6. Casv says:

    lovin this blog.. glad i was referred to yal indirectly. dope shit

  7. Pinger says:

    I will tell you what isn’t Africa: HERE!

    This is the United States! If you want to be African, MOVE THERE, COCKSUCKER!

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