New York City leads the nation in the re-establishment of Jim Crow laws aimed at the disenfranchisement of Black people.

The public school system is designed to fail these kids at a young age thereby arresting their development and learning capabilities long before they enter high school. The resultant is that less Black kids enter specialized schools which can prepare them for the future and most Black kids opt out of the public school system altogether.

The next phase is the criminalization of Black youth within their communities by arresting them for minor offenses such as marijuana possession and loitering. Even on the public housing properties where they reside. More Blacks were stopped and searched by the police in the previous three years than in the fifteen years proceeding those three.

All this is almost making Giuliani’s time as the chief executive of New York look like the golden age for Black youth.

12 Responses to “NYC IS THE NEW JIM CROW…”

  1. countee cullen jr says:

    thanks for posting this, DP. if my patience is VERY fucking thin for the SOP hip-hop bullshit (when that’s Kanye & Jay-Z trash coming again? as soon as somebody gets done “stealing it off Dre’s hard drive”?) these are the reasons why…

    and yeah, fuck Joell spending an hour getting his Yankees hat ‘just right’; talk about a ** BOOK ** he’s read, or reading, or wants to read the next time he’s interviewed.

    James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Ishmael Reed, Franz Fanon, “A Puerto Rican In New York” by Jesus Colon.

    And we need some goddamn Saigon to tell us a lot of black folks, and poor of all backgrounds, are in jail?

    THAT’s the Cong won!!!

    Motherfuck video games too, all of them– that shit ain’t helping anyone, with anything, ever.

    KRS-One annoys a lot of us now and then, I know, but he never said anything realer or more important than

    You. Must. Learn.

    from the ** ONLY ** fucking hip-hop Blueprint than matters.

  2. countee cullen jr says:

    p/s– KRS still has it.

    I’m on Flatbush and Church Ave, walking it out
    Erasmus High School, no pork in the mouth

  3. puerto-black says:

    “Them Bastards must be running out of niggas to arrest” and that Jayz/B/Kanye/Oprah/Ri illuminati has Jim Crowness too.

  4. SIC says:

    NYers are suckas, we accept any bullshit from the police/media. All this peaceful marching shit everytime the pigs kill the youths are pointless. Nothing changes… We gotta get up and riot like them folks in Cali.

    Its time for a real shake up of the NYPD. After Larry Davis (RIP) exposed all the fuckery of the Pigs in the 80s, 50% of NYPD was fired and replaced. Do you hear what i’m saying? HALF THE POLICE DEPT WAS INVOLVED IN SOME TYPE OF CORRUPTION!! We have to force NYPD to clean house again. Now who is brave enough to got killed by the pigs while doing this?

  5. David HussleSoft says:

    I have been talking anout this kind of stuff with my friends for years. All of these things are just like steroids for gentrification.

  6. Jaislayer says:

    What folks need to learn is that a rapper, some celebrity or even a cool dude who blogs is not going to save you. Only you can save you; and once you have done that you can begin helping others.

    First thing we need to know is there is nothing you can do that will stop the police from harssing you. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, where you live, who your daddy is or what you do for a living. It’s unfortunate but if you are black or brown you need to move like you are a suspect in a crime. Now that we understand that; how about we don’t put ourselves in fuxed up positions like smoking blunts out in public, arguing with your girl in public (when you have weed or a weapon on you), driving erratic when you do not have a license, registration or car insurance.

    A lot of us do dumb shit when we have no business doing dumb shit. But, I guess that’s why it’s dumb shit. This life we have is not a movie, no matter what Diddy or your favorite rapper says.

    The city, county, government makes money by locking people up. In Texas, the government looks at 4th graders reading scores to determine how many prisons will be built. Which tells me that being black, living in poverty with an insufficent educations leads to prison.

    Let me get off the soap box. Just do the best you can out here. Because this shit is rough and it’s not going to get easy. Focus on your babies so they get what they need and hopefully this devasting cycle in our communities will cease. Peace.

  7. Soundwave says:

    Continuing the thought…and while we focus on dumb shit, there is an intelligentsia that never takes time off in creating new ways to upset the proverbial apple cart. For those of you not taking notes, ALL blacks are the apple cart. Destroying black life is a business and business is good.

  8. VEe! says:

    First thing we need to know is there is nothing you can do that will stop the police from harssing you.
    . . . I strongly disagree. Robert Williams was able to exact change in his small community under worse conditions. Note, if you remove your personal power, then yeah, you have no power to make a change.

  9. Lion XL says:

    @VEe, I have to agree with JaiSlayer to a point..I wont say there is NOTHING you can do, but I will say that if the boys really wanna harass you they will….

  10. Combat Jack says:

    There’s always something we can do. And that is to organize and hold police accountable for their racist ways.

  11. SIC says:

    @Combat. Not only should they be held accountable for their racism but just for their overall policing. Pigs only care about producing arrests to satisfy quotas. They get these arrests by any means to keep their jobs. They obviously target “minority” filled areas cause they know we wont speak out. This by itself is a crime and should be investigated by current affairs and FBI. They are fucking up the livelihood of many innocent civilians just to maintain their jobs.

    Fuck the commisioner for standing behind these procedures…

  12. Pinger says:

    You assholes are missing something: loitering, marajuana possession, and other such behaviors ARE FUCKING CRIMES. They are illegal, you fuckwits!!

    Just because you like hanging out on public property and smoking dope and you don’t agree with laws against it DOES NOT MAKE IT OK!!

    If NYC blacks don’t want to be arrested, then they should stop acting like anti-social, ignorant, ghetto porchmonkeys!


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