Random Fandom…

Last year I copped two units of Roc Marciano’s ‘Marcberg’ album because it was an undeniable classic. I wanted to have a joint still shrinkwrapped. Call that the deadstock disease. I’m copping three(3) pieces of this Random AXE album. One to rock, one to stock and one to pass off to my main nigga on the block. Hardbody.

I never connected to Black Milk before this project and now I am digging thru the virtual internets crates to get as much shit by him as I can. Milk’s production is some straight up acid head rap bounce. Like if I didn’t have a day job and I could watch AdultSwim and blow kush 25 hours a day. I’d like to hear some more Danny Brown over Black Milk beats.

‘Japhy Joe featuring Danny Brown and Melanie Rutherford’

Guilty Simpson is the dude who I think really shines on this album. Sean Price is a monster as always and prA’li the best dude on the mic right now, including Ghostface in that assessment, but Guilty Simpson shows you why rappers fux with him even if you didn’t. Detroit rappers go so hard all the time it’s like they eat concrete Cheerios for breakfast.

‘Never Back Down’

What else can we say about Sean Price? All I can say is that bar for bar, no word for word, there is no one using a microphone device as well as Sean Price. You need to be a college professor to fully comprehend the level of Ruck’s rhymes. Sean Price is not from this world so you need to salute his style before he on the spaceship headed to another galaxy.

PrA’li Andromeda.

‘Understand This’

Every track on this album knocks my speakers. No filler and each feature goes harder than the last. Rock from Heltah Skeltah makes his appearance felt as well. Put your headphones on and find that zone you go to when you want to enjoy the rawest rap music. I’m calling Random AXE the best Hip-Hop/Rap album of 2011 so you can hold the throne.

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  1. PerceptivAngles says:

    I’m glad you at least admitted that you were sleepin and are gettin your mind right with Black Milk. I got most of his shit minus his last album “Album of the Year” which I hear is dope as shit.

  2. Agreed… i’m still bumpin’ Tronic. Black Milk is on his way to legendary status.

  3. Blacks first album was dope as hell to me. I stayed blasting that shit in 07.

    Speaking of Marcberg, I finally bought the album I thought was the best thing to come out last year and the cd wasn’t in it. Aint that a bitch? I guess I get it how I live. So don’t pirate folks. Just buy the albums cause karma is a bitch.

  4. Edwin Moses Style says:

    Co-sign… I think Black Milk is a step behind on the mic but who cares? He’s still the best rapping producer at the moment (let’s see all three people who can still listen to the last Kanye I thought was prog-pop shit anyway) and sets up P! and Guilty very very nice.

    I’ll go further than DP and say ** career ** wise, Sean Price is the greatest BK mc ever. Jerkoffs in their “Reasonable Doubt” fedoras will scoff but fuck them twice, likewise all the idiotic fake gangster/bling/Lexus that followed to this day. (Big died, Kane peaked early etc.)

    Ghost is P!’s equal– and in some ways superior– of course, but I have to admit “Apollo Kids” was pro forma.

    Aside from great success for all three Random Axe dudes, I hope the discretion and soul of this album puts to rest all the Laughterhouse hype, at least in these enlightened corners. None of those four breathless clowns can hit hard and subtle like these beating three.

    I have high hopes for Smif N Wessun too but as today in sneaker melting BK, this is hip-hop album of the year. And actually, fuck a year– it’s a great album, period, and deserves to be heard with the best jazz, rock, soul avant- whatever in its time.

  5. the_dallas says:

    Ghost is a legendary emcee but sometimes he is too esoteric for my ears. Apollo Kids was a fantastic album that people at the record label didn’t understand or maybe didn’t even care about.

    Ghostface needs to be on a label like DuckDown

  6. Edwin Moses Style says:

    p/s: Oscar Madison ** flamenco ** –>


    I hope it’s not true but I think even P! fans miss his range of references because the delivery is so hot; I also think that R-A-N-G-E a more accurate metric of brilliance than (mere) syllabics.



  7. Donaleski says:

    I’d thought Don Penn ya’d give some hold for once with anything Sean P would be on but nah. Its alrite, shit is a matter ov taste anyway. Personally Im pretty disappointed, the P rocks dem mics, aight, same shit as usual nuttin new… the other rapper aint bad too sometimes but the album doesnt provide no vibe at all.Its fuckin bland unless ya bump it overloud in yo drive… this shit is not even underground and even it’d be a conceptual album, it wouldnt feel like…

    Lookin for a real Sean P album wit a fist hard as Tyson like that kimbo tape and the best BK emcee may be another guy P often used to rap wit…

  8. digs says:

    Ghost is a legend indeed! He just needs to come back and hit people with that Ironman & Supreme Clientele one more time, just to remind knuccas. Far as Random Axe, you already know! Kinda like a problem, more like a pandemic!!!!!!!!!

  9. TED says:

    black milk needs to produce the next d’angelo album, or bilal, i read this and checked out his albums, he’s bringing that go go beat harder than rich harrison, seriously ‘album of the year’ is the next level. youtube closed chapter or distortion

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