No One Country Should Have All That Power…

After the disaster in Japan some of the world’s most industrialized nations are backing away from the use of nuclear fueled power plants. Germany, for instance, is making strides to eliminate ALL of their nuclear reactors. But while Europe is returning to fossil fuels the middle east, particularly Iran is embracing nuclear power as its salvation.

Nuclear power does bring a level of independence to the users and it removes the dependence on oil and petroleum, but one instant is all it takes for the entire planet to feel the fallout from a reactor meltdown. Is the price we are all going to pay worth it? PrA’li not. To save humanity I’m ready to move into the next fuel system. Reggie Watts candles aka Vivoleum.

3 Responses to “No One Country Should Have All That Power…”

  1. Brahsef says:

    I still think the benefits of nuclear power far outweigh the dangers. Disasters happen, it’s awful but part of life on Earth. Not very often does society as a whole turn back from a technological triumph.

  2. BIGNAT says:

    heh brashef but when nuclear problems occur. you leave whole sections of the planet fucked up to the point life cannot be supported. we need to think of a better way or a safer way to do it. like in case of emergencies the core gets shot off into space or something. people had to scarifice themselves just so we could sleep at night. just so that country didn’t become a smoldering smudge on the map.

  3. the_dallas says:

    I don’t see the triumph yet for nuclear power. It can blow shit up more efficiently than give light/power. That ratio has to be fixed first

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