turkey hams

With 3-6 MAFIA ‘stealing‘ the Academy award for best song in a movie it is a sure sign that Hip-Hop is now dead or we are knee deep inside of the apocalypse. Take your pick.

All I can tell you is that as soon as I see white folks dressing like this I am going into my parents basement with five years worth of canned goods.

pimps up

2 Responses to “PIMPS UP…”

  1. eskay says:

    yeah, you notice how the AP just had to slip that ‘steal’ in there? damn media and their subliminals…

    but yeah, I posted about the win a little earlier, but it didn’t really hit me until like 5 minutes ago. you have to say out loud to yourself “Three 6 mafia just won an Academy Award” for it to really sink in.

  2. Miss Ahmad says:

    3-6 mafia has made me nervous to go to work today, because i’m not ready for the backlash and the jokes. white folks are gonna be making 3-6 mafia pimp joke, like we’ve been making brokeback jokes, and i”m just gonna try not to slap anyone!

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