Bring Your Own Blogger BBQ…

Is this what you’ve been waiting for?

Well get ready for BBQ because its going down! Back in the planet of Brooklyn.

Saturday August 20th – 2pm-8pm
The Morgan
25 Bogart Street

Free food, free drinks, free performances and hell’a internets. Bring your business card to politic. Bring your EP to distribute.

But mostly, bring your own B_________.

Oh and yeah, RSVP to

6 Responses to “Bring Your Own Blogger BBQ…”

  1. K.O. says:

    What If your not a blogger and you just wanna come for the women. (Damn I wish my beats were nice right now). But are there usually good looking women at this event?

  2. Lamar Debussy says:

    K.O. face it: you mostly don’t want to know “event” type broads and if you think you do now, you’ll learn later.

    HOWEVER, fuck the white media lies about Bushwick’s next ________ anything, there are many fine women in the neighborhood you’d do well to make some time for and if you like ’em ‘exotic’ nearby Ridgewood has, say, Romanians, Serbians etc who will turn you OUT if you let ’em.

    Also, while DIY bbq is swell and all, many would be remiss not to rock some of the INSANE Mexican food on Knickerbocker, Wyckoff etc.

    Chicken Mole >>>> crabmeats, I swear.

  3. khal says:

    i dont know what yall niggas taumbout.

  4. the rsvp email does not work.

  5. khal says:

    It worked for me. I just don’t know if responses are coming back.

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