The 2006 B.E.T. Awards… WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?


They need to start broadcasting this awards show on June 19th because I have never seen Black people come together like they do for this moment. Meanwhile, back in the ‘hood, little boys can’t read. The bank won’t give me a loan to buy the property that I rent while people from all over the place are moving into my neighborhood. A new study finds that at least I can hear better than my new neighbors. And I am telling you that dude called me a nigger in his mind.

Awwww fuck it, SHONQUAYSHAH pass the remote and fix the upside down coat hanger in the television, we gon’ watch us some BeYONCE. In the last five years can you imagine the number of jig children that have been named BeYONCE, ALIZE and CRISTAL? If you’re Black and you read this blog I have one bit of advice for you. Get a jump on the rest of your family and kill yourself now. We are barreling out of control on a journey to hell in a handbasket. By the by, have you seen those new Louis Vuitton ads featuring PHARRELL?

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  1. Rafi says:

    “The bank won’t give me a loan to buy the property that I rent while people from all over the place are moving into my neighborhood. A new study finds that at least I can hear better than my new neighbors. And I am telling you that dude called me a nigger in his mind.”

    LOL hilarious

  2. Miss Ahmad says:

    pharrell + louis vuitton=the epitome of commercialized hip hop!

  3. the_dallas says:

    ^peep how LVMH considers Pharrell ‘street’. if that fag is ‘street’ Will Smith must be a gang member.

  4. […] The 2006 B.E.T. Awards… WHO THE FUCK CARES?!? […]

  5. jdotnicholas says:

    Dallas –

    You beat me to it. Nothing says street like Pharrell and Louis Vuitton.

  6. A foolish white woman once told me Pharell was the epitome of a black man.

    I almost slapped my first white girl.

  7. Nigeria says:

    ”Will Smith must be a gang member”

    Will Smith is a gang member.

    Don’t you remember Fresh Prince

    Whos more Gangster Will or Carlton

  8. swagger says:

    @ start snitching
    A foolish white woman once told me Pharell was the epitome of a black man.

    I almost slapped my first white girl.

  9. she probably thought pharrell could sing as well.

  10. Shes A Dope One! says:

    Hip Hop lost @ Pharrell bein called “street”.

  11. Candice says:

    Pharrell is straight up wearin some lipstick in those ads….YES, BROKEBACK!

  12. Scint says:

    Louie Vitton? Though he was a Skateboarder, is louie v bringing out some $1000 knee pads, Brother needs to work it out. But then he is getting paid.

  13. P-Matik says:


  14. Observant says:

    I just think it is funny how a whole paragraph was writen here, (and well writin I might add) about something way more serious than gay pharrel and his adds, something more relavant, the paragraph was talking about the downfall of a culture with one small reference at the end, a reference that is easier for all of the morons here to comprehend and the next thing you know the whole thread is about pharell and louis.. you know, it almost makes me cry.. but, none of you peole reading this will even understand what Im saying Im sure.. sadness.

  15. Billy Sunday says:

    that was the reaction that I wanted from the readers. Of all the things that I just ranted about, the one thing that the readership can support me without fail is contained on the final two sentences. The fact that companies like LVMH want to add an edge to their products and they trade for this edge with Black culture is everlasting shenanigans. Let’s call them on it.

    B.E.T. is abour 85% bullshit with a little 10-15% percent of empowering, enlightening entertainment. Their awards show is reflective of their overall programming. We don’t kick B.E.T. to the curb because we have this unnatural optimism that someday we all gon’ be free. I would argue that B.E.T. does as much for racial understanding as ‘All In The Family’ did. It’s going to take a special kind of courage to turn off the television. Since I don’t own one that isn’t hard for me, but I can only imagine how difficult it might be for some of us.

    Keep your head to the sky…

  16. Scint says:

    Observant i feel suitably chastised, i honestly didn’t notice/understand the first paragraph WAY to sublte for such as me!

    Seriously though i’m from the UK, and although US culture – tv and music mainly- is so prevalent over here that da youth walk around and talk like they actually know what it would be like living in a real ghetto ‘Yo last week wayne trod on my ice lollies, watch me push off da swing jeeves’. I can’t relate to such blatant racism, especially from a bank, WHAT!

    Black kids over here have more opportunity (but still do worse in school) to succeed but seem to think they have to adhere to a stereotype that isn’t even UK based….guns don’t kill people, rappers do, i seen it in a documentary on bbc 2 (Goldie looking chain 2006). Big up Kanye (gay or not), Mobb deep, Guru, Roots, common etc for trying to make hip hop a movement as it should be.

  17. Candice says:

    We all jumped on to joke about Pharrell but the original thought provocation did not go unnoticed. The only thing to come out of the actual BET Awards was the speech given by Harry Belafonte and Kirk Franklin’s brief comment on thanking Jesus (I hope he is over his porn addiction).

    With all that money, bling and power sitting in the audience….they all failed to realize or care that the enemy is still out there and not much has changed since Harry picked up his torch. He gave some inspiration….we’ll see if anyone steps up **cricket, cricket**.

    And Kirk’s simple statement about not wanting to thank Jesus, rather, wanting to thank him through his deeds fell on deaf ears……as we proceeded to shake booties during “It’s Goin Down”.

  18. LM says:

    B.E.T. has gotten worse over the years. No question. Issues like PW’s streetness are easy to fix on ’cause they’re easy, period. They don’t matter. Takes a lot more thought to tackle how BS can afford to buy a home in Dubya’s “ownership society.” It’s heavy, heavy lifting. BS gets props for lifting the weighty issues to eye-level and providing feathery light fare too.

  19. the_dallas says:

    I think Candice had the watershed comment for this thread. What if B.E.T. isn’t to blame at all? What if the enemy that never gets put on blast is really us? There was all kinds of programming available on cable t.v. but the B.E.T. awards is what the overwhelming number of Black households selected. B.E.T. is serving the public trust by giving the people the content they really want. Fuck a speech by Belafonte, I want to smack a girl on her azz and lean wit it, rock wit it.

  20. count tuffit says:

    yeah but you know white woman with LV bags is still clutching the shit outta them when they see someone like cinpharella walk by

  21. Shonquayshah says:

    Heeeeeeeeeey Billy! I must have missed this one…i was just browsing around….thanks for the shout-out! I love my club name…gotta sister name Tayshaneek~feel free to use that one, too!

    p.s. BET was never really for the black folk….just an investment for bj…people need to recognize…for rilla!

  22. Enlightened One says:

    I feel you on those paragraphs. As a school teacher, I am saddened everyday. I see it has some in the community do not truly want to address the issues. We must take back our community. We must enstill values in our young men and women (hardwork, education, leadership, religion). There has been a serious disconnect from the values established in the early 50s and 60s.

  23. Ben Moshe says:

    What ever dude,
    the logic is cool. Got to say been taggin Nigerian scam beeauches in the past and loving it. lifes been great seenx i gave up on life, gods, family, and all that faggot shit – have a nice day, and if that don’t work – fuck it. works for me.
    oh yeah that’s not my email address – sorry not a cock sucker

  24. A Black women says:

    Fuck you!!!!!!!!!!! races prick

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