The Empire Strikes Back…


I have been so wrapped up in the war on poverty that I kind of forgot about the war on terrorism and the war on drugs. Doesn’t it seem like these things aren’t really problems until we declare war against them? RONALD RAYGUN’s war on drugs gave us the crack epidemic. G DUBBZ’ war on terror gives us more fearfulness and more G DUBBZ.

However, the war on terror has produced some positive results if you are PETE DOHERTY or an opium farmer in Afghanistan. There has been a bumper crop of opium produced this year and 90% of the world’s supply comes from Afghanistan. We all know what opium is used for right?!? So it seems like the war on terror actually fuels the war on drugs which in turn will feed the perpetuation of the war on poverty. And here it is all the liberals in the mainstream media talking about how dumb G DUBBZ is and how little jobs he’s created. I say look at all the jobs that he’s maintained. DEA agents, judges, lawyers, corrections officers and even the Mexicans that work at the paper mill that produces the arrest docket forms.

If there are any indie rapper rockers out there that read this shiite, take my advice and delay that heroin habit for about five years. The magical crop that was cultivated this year is laced with depleted uranium and white phosphorous from the water supplies throughout Afghanistan. We have been busy bombing the fuck out of the mountains in the north. The depleted shells submit residue that is transferred into the ground water in the mountains and then delivered down to the cities in the southern part of the country. Don’t be surprised when you see more kids coming from that region looking like this.

total recall

Yep, that dope will really be the bomb.

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  1. NinaMM says:

    I really know someone with 3 titties. The 3rd one is jive up under her arm…and yo. It’s got a nipple.

  2. Nigeria says:

    Goes to rent Total Recall

  3. Amadeo says:

    Is it just me or does Bush disturb everybody when he says things like, “These are people that want to kill your family.” and he still has that stupid smirk on his face.

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