DP’s Legendary Toybox…

I’ve been fuxing with the Marvel Legends action figure series since the mid-2000s. At one point I was copping every figure in the series but that became too consuming to maintain so I sold off all the figures except for the ones related to Iron Man.

Hasbro toys, which has been making the figures for several years suspended the 1/6th series to develop the smaller 3.75″ Marvel Universe series. I copped a bunch of the Marvel Universe joints just because I’m an addict like that, but I never responded well to the smaller scale superhero figures. Listen, I go back to the days of the 8″ MEGO figures so even tho’ the details of the dolls was more glorious the smaller scale left me wanting more.

The good news I found out during my Wal-Mart visits while in Atlanta was that Hasbro started up the ‘Legends’ line again. I prA’li would have known this had I gone to NY’s ComiCON past year. Missing that event was a fanboy fail. Here’s what the first wave of Hasbro’s reinvigorated Marvel Legends line looks like…

Thor, Captain America (as Steve Rogers) and Iron Man fill out a nice little Avengers lineup just in time for the summer motion picture blockbuster. I doubt I’ll be copping anything other than the Iron Man Extremis armor figures since the new pricepoint for the figures is up to $16 apiece.

I’ve already picked up two(2) Iron Man figures in the stealth blue armor.

The traditional red and golden armor must be the ‘chase’ (variant) figure. None of the Wal-Marts I’ve visited have had them in stock. The collectors go after the ‘chase’ figures hardbody, hence the name. I’m gonna hit up a few more Wal-Marts before I leave Atlanta to see if I can comeup on the OG Iron Man armor color.

I didn’t have the Mark V stealth armor figure that dropped when the Marvel Legends series first debuted. I’ve seen that figure being sold for upwards of $200 at some comic shops but thankfully the price is down to something more reasonable. What’s also good that I don’t copp these figures as investment items. I buy these Iron Man joints to make music videos for Ghostface Killah songs I like.

6 Responses to “DP’s Legendary Toybox…”

  1. Tron_Doe says:

    Can we get a video for a DOOM x Starks collab?

  2. (a) $16? smh. I remember when the STAR WARS figures relaunched in 97… $5 a pop.

    (b) posability on these bad boys looks super ill. But dont that iron man and steve rogers look a little on the skinny side to u?

  3. khal says:

    this made me think about my local AMC. they playing Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain Amurrikka all day May 3rd, then the May 4th 12AM premiere of the Avengers.

  4. Krashone says:

    “”The traditional red and golden armor must be the ‘chase’ (variant) figure.”” yo d the blue one is the chase, steve(cap) w/clear shield,ghost rider w/diff goofy Color flame(lame) hair are chase figures to.

  5. the_dallas says:

    Iunno Krash. Atlanta is FLOODED with the blue ‘stealth’ armor joint. I must gotta holla at the brother Jerz who stays on his action figure dean as well

  6. Jaislayer says:

    Dallas, I’ll keep my eyes open the next time I’m in Wal-Mart. Peace.

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