Fear Of A Black Planet…

I’m still a little depressed from the Trayvon Martin tragedy. I’m depressed that the info recyclers haven’t requested the proper information from the authorities and just the fact that the wheels of justice move so slowly for Black males.

The police chief has decided to resign temporarily while the case is investigated by the federal government. I’m hoping that the police will be charged as criminals in this case as well.

The notion that a statement of self-defense prevents an arrest is inconceivable. Maybe a self-defense argument might stand up in a trial, but there is no way you can avoid being ARRESTED, and drug or alcohol tested. Unless you are a police officer and even then they have to answer to internal affairs after several days.

These police were fucked the fuck up from the gate. They hid Trayvon’s cellphone and didn’t perform any due dilligence at the murder scene. These Sanford Florida police are criminals themselves and should not be allowed to keep their badges. But the officers are still just cogs in a system of supremacy.

The system of supremacy is what makes all young Black teenagers into criminals. George Zimmerman and the Sanford police are unwitting supremacists. They didn’t create this system of social unjustice but they bought into it and they will bear the brunt of its failings. Them and Trayvon Martin.

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  1. Honest Question says:

    This is a sad story, but the fact that the media only show 5 year old pics from when Treyvon was 12 inflames the passions of people. Lil’ man looks cute and cuddly in the photos the media show. But when he got popped he physiologically was a grown ass man.

    And Zimmerman might could have a case. It’s his word versus an interpolation of his words on the phone. Zimmerman came out of the situation with a broken nose and scars on the back of his head. Those arent exactly injuries sustained while hunting.

    Trayvon was 6’1″ and took down a 250lbs man leaving the back of his head lacerated and nose broken. Is self defense justified in this case?

    My issue with this incident is that fact that the Ramarley Graham gets forgotten. The media pushes what they want for whatever reason. Both were similar incidents. In Trayvons case it’s horizontal power structure that is questioned, citizens amongst themselves. In Ramarley it’s the vertical power structure dynamic that is NOT questioned, citizens and those in positions of authority.

    Probably because a focus on Ramarley make people come together, question, and hold accountable those who are higher up. Trayvons death only seams to be a tool for people to cede power to authorities in the hopes of getting a feeling of being safe.


  2. FTW says:

    Yeah, it’s a tragedy but people aren’t going to do shit except cry at the castle gates like peasants do in a feudal system. Let’s face it, black people have backed themselves into a corner where the children aren’t protected; the women are disrespected; and the men are virtually uneducated and powerless. No offense but marching and taking pics with hoods on, holding signs, making songs and speeches; and writing articles pra’li won’t do shit. It’s all slobbering while begging the immoral Nobility to do what’s morally right. I’m not saying Attorney Natalie Jackson can’t win the case but isn’t that where the reinforcement is needed in this case’s quest for justice, with the fucking lawyers? So the Kings and Nobles let the peasants march and blow off steam because they know the whatever it is, is all emotionally based and emotions are temporary. #eatcake

  3. pmac says:

    my thing is why is this case black n white. the guy zimmerman is diffinitly middle eastern or latin look at his picture, yes of course its still racism and the whole thing stinks of a cover up. time will tell. i agree with dp he should be charged with something but those gun laws in florida are so lenient, thats why in every florida rap video everyone in the hood brings out there AK, i dont think you can get a AK in the northeast legit. and like 90percent of guns in nyc come from florida, miss,al, or georgia.

  4. Wardell Franklin says:

    @ Honest Question: a thorough, accurate crime scene investigation, drug/alcohol testing of Zimmerman and autopsy of Trayvon might tell us much… How many of those things were done?

    I know autopsy results etc can be ‘interpreted’ but let’s compare the injuries of the two to start. AND ask yourself why the fuck this cop wannabe was carrying in the first place? Florida allows it yes but the ‘neighborhood wach’ does NOT.

    If Trayvon didn’t perhaps have Chuck D. as his hip-hop role model, what was Mr. “Fuckin’ Coons” thinking that night? (“Fear Of A Black Planet,” right.)

  5. BIGNAT says:

    all i have to saw to honest question is your right. yet no one is denying that they were fighting. the fact was zimmerman should have stayed his ass in his car like he was told. he went after someone that reacted being followed. for trey it was fight or flight he was either going run or face the guy who was following him. i know what you thinking they could have talked it out. it’s would be hard to talk it out with someone that already thinks your in the wrong. from the way things went if tray would have ran your boy zimmerman the wannabe cop. most likely would have shot his ass anyway.
    the fact is zimmerman is to blame for this whole situation. now he is trying his best to work within the fucked up laws that florida has so he doesn’t go to jail. or he will serve time but not get sentenced to death. that is exactly what is happening at this time how to get out of this.

    also honest question so much police work was not done. no mention of the cell phone. not even holding or arresting zimmerman for advanced questioning. you can say they are not at fault but alot of the higher ups are stepping aside. which makes them bitches and cowards in my book. first it was a open and shut case now once people start to open they mouths. once the neighbors get on the news and 911 tapes start getting played it’s time to step aside because shit is about to go down. they won’t even try to protect they own people.

  6. pmac says:

    dallas is zimmemann white?

  7. BIGNAT says:

    Zimmerman is said to be spanish

  8. Mark Dub says:

    Zimmerman has a white father and a hispanic mother. It was said by Trayvon’s girl that he DID run and try to get away from Zimmerman. Zimmerman was very aggressive in his pursuit, and was aggressive in confronting Trayvon, which is probably the cause of Trayvon breaking his nose. The more facts that come out, the more Zimmerman is exposed as a racist, wanna-be cop who bit off more than he could chew, and murdered a teen 110 lbs. smaller than him and 11 years his junior. God bless Trayvon’s family w/the justice they seek.

  9. BIGNAT says:

    also i just heard above all things zimmerman still has the gun that he shot trayvon with. i’m sure he is carrying it everywhere he goes as well.

  10. the_dallas says:

    The Justice Dept. has uncovered a 911 call placed by Trayvon Martin before his death. They are gonna do some audio enhancement shit to see if Zimmerman said the ‘N’ word or not


  11. pmac says:

    of all people spike sent the hate mob to some old white people house wrongly and quickly paid them some cash to shut up. its getting ugly

  12. BIGNAT says:

    police station tape shows no injuries or blood on zimmerman. the man who prepared tray’s body. said his hands show no signs of hitting or impact. okay why is zimmerman still free?

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