Easter Itinerary Lifestyle…

Big up to iLLiLL who stays on me to keep the Lifestyle posts updated… He doesn’t contribute a single $1 to the prA’li fund tho’, but I’ll allow that his comments are an effective currency and drop motivator. So this is how I stepped out with Chocolate Snowflake on Easter Sunday.

We went to brunch at a local restaurant called Cheryl’s for their prix fixe fare and mimosas. The day was outrageously gorgeous and we both felt like walking around Brooklyn. I offered that we should take a trip to the DeKalb Market which is adjacent to the former Albee Square Mall site. I also had a pair of shoes with me which I wanted to shoot in a video with Fulton Mall as the backdrop.

The DeKalb Market was actually poppington and there was a booth selling $1 mimosas so I kept my drunken brunch fleaux in full effect. I didn’t dandy myself up this weekend since I haven’t been feeling to fresh to def lately. Y’all don’t need to hear my issues tho’ because I’m sure you don’t come here to feel worse either. LOL.

iLLiLL: As far as copping anything from the Commodoire series… Nope. I saw a few pieces I liked, but I didn’t press myself to spend on that series since I have so much shit already in my archives in the red, white and blue Americana colorways as you may have seen from the recent weblog posts. I might end up with something from the Commodore series if it filters down to the secondary outlets, but I’m still getting my chips together for more Modern Explorer I.T.’s.

18 Responses to “Easter Itinerary Lifestyle…”

  1. illill says:

    Dallas….lol I guess I gotta contribute no

  2. illill says:

    Dallas….lol I guess I gotta contribute now
    U did get 90 from me for the dope 180 barkleys. Does that count?
    I went in on the Lionel Richie series and I need about 10 pieces from the Explorer series. You right about stacking for that. Macy*s friends N family starting April 25…..

  3. BIGNAT says:


    it’s here dp.com family jay-z need to just drop the album i don’t care if it don’t got singles on it

  4. the_dallas says:

    Thanks for copping those Barkleys homey. You good, because you keep me on point.

  5. illill says:

    Dallas…no doubt niggas need to realize the importance of your site

  6. illill says:

    dallas….I see u said more Modern Explorer I.T.s
    what have u finessed so far

  7. the_dallas says:

    Just the navy blue dragon embroidered joint. It was too crazy for me not to copp at full retail. If I see it on sale I’ll copp a 2nd joint and str8 archive it

  8. illill says:

    dallas….easily the top choice piece right there. some pieces are needed full retail.

  9. BIGNAT says:

    i got the navy blye dragon joint i am pissed they have not made that green joint with the tiger in the xb sizes. i will give them a couple more weeks. if it don’t drop i will cop a xxl and take that joint to the tailors so they can keep it out my underarms

  10. illill says:

    bignat….I know the lifestyle is very important and consuming my life but one definitely can’t rock the lo under the arms mad uncomfortable

  11. DirtyJerz says:

    When I spotted it on the website, I wasn’t so sure about that navy blue dragon polo…until I saw it up close @ Macys. The color, the wash, the embroidery – all official. Rarely do I cop at retail, but I immediately went home and copped at ‘lo.com. If it ever goes on sale, I’m copping another for the books.

  12. BIGNAT says:

    illill good choice to bad it’s not in my size. Also yeah I can rock xxl but I like to breather in my polos so 2xb for me. I’m with jerz once I saw the joint on dp.com I shopped around to get the best price. A lot of people loved that joint until I told them the price. I couldn’t wait on that joint to drop in price. I wanted to make sure I got my size. Yeah if that joint hit 100 I will get another one.

  13. illill says:

    brick…..very nice.

    bignat….i understand that. i dont have it yet but need to hurry. i saw an xlt but might just have to cop the xxl anyway since these stores seem to carry only one xxl.

  14. BIGNAT says:

    brick i have some timb boat shoes and navy chino shorts. that would go nice with that second joint. with a polo white or black v neck undershirt.

  15. BrickCity77 says:

    I see Ralph brought the U.S.A logo back from 20 years ago (Stadium Series era). The Olympic apparel is going to be nuts!

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