TJX Tibetan Lifestyle

I didn’t have to go to the Himalayas to earn this I.T.

I just had to dig thru the the racks at Marshall’s on Atlantic Avenue.

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  1. T-Bag says:

    Damn!!! The come up king strikes again. I copped this joint for 75 bucks at Macy’s this last Wednesday

  2. the_dallas says:

    Damb, this was $39.99 and I’m on a Marshall’s hunt all week for the navy dragon embroidery. I’m on my ‘one to rock, one to stock’ steez

  3. illill says:

    tbag and Dallas….I did the f and f thing for 75 at Macy’s too.
    I saw the mtn explorer piece and flag toggle at tjmaxx for 60 but no fuckin xxl. The marshalls has the ocean challenge pieces and the us open USGA navy knits.

  4. illill says:

    Dallas….winning on that dragon piece….I need to go hunting to get over that Knicks disgrace.

  5. yobrazil says:

    indiana jones steez salutes

  6. illill says:

    crazy too…the explorer series will get in the way of that one
    just witnessed the mtn explorer rugby xlt for 60 at marshalls
    shit they had the navy olympic knit 2012 too

  7. DirtyJerz says:

    Oh, you KNOW I’m tearing down Marshall’s tomorrow, B!!!

  8. illill says:

    yeah dirtiness marshalls is bakinaffek right now.

  9. T-Bag says:

    I haven’t been to Marshall’s in a minute. I need to get out of this coma and start copping.

  10. illill says:

    dallas….surfing the net i see this wonderful piece from one of your tweeters…!/SUMERIANSOUND/status/196807914726498306/photo/1
    this weeks hunt begins…..

  11. T-Bag says:

    Yo illill I just got that joint in the mail the other day. This a monster

  12. Jaislayer says:

    DP it never stops!!! That piece is nice fam, I’m hitting the Marshalls over here today. I picked 2 rugby’s when I was in Iowa last week & my cousin just sent me one of the hottest pieces of the year. Photos coming ur way shortly. What up Jerz. Peace!

  13. illill says:

    tbag….that joint looks short sleeve though. ive seen the long sleeve one.

  14. illill says:

    ahhh i see the short sleeve one. damn need both.

  15. BIGNAT says:

    Between the macy’s sale and the ralph sale I dropped about 350. Got a lot of madaras button downs and got some big ponies for my nephew he going be fresh for summer. That joint you fount dp tham you stay coming up big.

  16. BIGNAT says:

    Oh yeah I got the pins going wait on those glasses though

  17. BIGNAT says:

    Illill I want that joint that is the perfect shade of green that goes with everything

  18. illill says:

    dallas….i know this isnt the right post but remember bryant himself said he owes 90 percent of his career to mj.

  19. BIGNAT says:

    I got the one dp got couldn’t find that green one in my size 🙁

  20. T-Bag Aka J Beats says:

    Yo bignat if you must have the green joint you can cop online at the polo website

  21. illill says:

    Dallas…..I went to Macy’s today….the Wimbledon knits man all must haves

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