Respect The Architects…


Outfit Architecture isn’t just about putting your clothes together with footwear and accessories. It’s about understanding your relationship as to how you represent yourself to others. Strangers and like minds alike.

One of my National Football League heroes was named Ernie Barnes (RIP). As an offensive lineman he protected Jack Kemp while he was a quarterback for the San Diego Chargers.


As a fine artist he was the author for some of the most enduring and expressive paintings I have ever seen.

You must have surely seen his painting ‘Sugar Shack’ which was used os a cover for a Marvin Gaye album as well as part of the set for the television show ‘Good Times’.


Even tho’ I wasn’t in that portrait I feel in my soul that I know the place Barnes was describing. I can smell the hot-buttered soul sweat steaming up that juke joint. I’ve done those dances before in my life. Ernie Barnes got soul.

And I got sole. I copped this Ernie Barnes throwback jersey to rock with my Air Jordan powder blue North Carolina 2012s.



The irony is that because UNC was segregated at the time Ernie Barnes was an All-American high school athlete he couldn’t attend the school. Barnes ended up on full scholarship at the HBCU North Carolina Central.

Respect the architects always my Internets. Whether you realize it or not we do this life thanks to them.

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  1. Krashone says:

    I know you have had that in the stash for a Lil min. I seen them at an wright when was living the O. I only caught the m&s MBA allstar Alex English jersey. That’s a next level fit. Plus barns is one of my art inspiration

  2. TED says:

    in the spirit of ernie barnes, camp lo still doing it

  3. R.I.P.Dallas'sCareer says:

    Dallas you racist fatty

  4. the_dallas says:

    Anonymous Coward,
    I wish I could be racist. Actually, I don’t wish I could be racist, but I do wish I controlled the means to production and distribution. That’s the ONLY way you can be racist. Otherwise you are just a bigot.

    I don’t wish I was a coward like you tho’. You must cry yourself to sleep in your heart because a coward dies a million deaths. Especially an anonymous coward. Those are the types of cowards who wear hoods to hide their face, or even worse, use anonymous screen names.

    I’m thankful that God made me a man, a Black man. At least I’m not a bitchmade coward, like you.

  5. illill says:

    Dallas….sometimes the ignorant need to be addressed. Good lookin on that.

  6. the_dallas says:

    Real talk, I would have been cool if the coward called me a bigoted fatty.

  7. illill says:

    dallas…..lolol true indeed.

  8. El Mestro says:

    I love the sociological break down of racism!

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