NBA 2009: Where Caucasian Happens…


A song about the lighter side of the Association. Literally…

credits: knolanryan via mykraphone

7 Responses to “NBA 2009: Where Caucasian Happens…”

  1. E says:

    My white co-worker says he is “highly offended by this”. Me, not so much.

    “I’m exhausted, barely breathing I been sittin on the bench all season”


  2. nerditry says:

    We white people have nothing to be offended by. More specifically as a J00 of the least obvious variety, I haven’t heard a quality jew joke in years that wasn’t written by one of us.

    Word to this being Shawn Bradley’s closest thing to a highlight reel.

  3. Russ the Bus says:

    oh gawd that was hilarious.
    my favorite was crying kid duke fan

  4. I too forwarded this to a white coworker who thought it was hilarious. Possibly the funniest parody since Rosenberg’s This Is Why Duke Sucks?

  5. LM says:

    “Bird: Indian” LOL… and that Kyle Korver D (@48 seconds)!

  6. Kiana says:

    The random shot of the crackers that pop up just made this one of my favorite videos.

  7. Chris says:

    Great video

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