America’s Killing Fields…


America’s insatiable lust for cocaine is what has caused over 1300 murders this year so far in the Mexican border town Ciudad Juarez. That number is almost six times the amount of homicides committed here in New York City this year. Ciudad Juarez population is 2 million and NYC’s is 10 million.

Gunmen kill 8 at bar in Mexican border city

What’s the connection with a shitload of dollar bills in Washington D.c. showing trace amounts of cocaine on them and all of these murders inside Mexico? The demand is obviously fueling the supply. I don’t know who in D.C. is getting skeed up off the sneedle, but whoever they are there is blood on their hands. Mexico in 2009 has become similar to America’s crack infested ghettos from 1989.

The drug trade is too profitable and too formidable to be denied. The drug trade in Mexico has seeped into the social structure at every level. The cartels are becoming legitimate industries as they diversify their trades and expand their rackets. There is only one law now in Mexico. There is no law. There are only the cartels. Big fish eating smaller fish. Well, big fish shooting smaller fish to death. Then eating it.

Moral of the story…

Sniff cocaine with African currency.

Africa can’t get any more fucked the fuck up.

congo bucks

3 Responses to “America’s Killing Fields…”

  1. Kiana says:

    Leave Africa alone DP! You’re right about the huge role America has played in blood being spilled in Mexico. The Obama administration does seem to admit that much lately but nobody is really talking about how this country is demanding the product at high rates.

    Juarez has been effed the eff up since before 09 though. The women in that city have it particularly hard with being kidnapped, raped, butchered and what not all in the last ten years 🙁

  2. the_dallas says:

    ^ It ain’t just the water in Mexico that is effed the eff up.

  3. SbuJah says:

    and the connection to Africa? Dude that is lame… stick to the story and dont dilute the massage by including a non related “joke”

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