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Internets Celebrities F.I.T. Club…

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

ic fit club

The opening salvo has been issued from Rafi Kam to me so I will in turn issue my reply to all of y’all.

You wanna see it?

Click the link below…

Late Pass: D/Will’s Cartoon Beat Emporium…

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

late pass

I was doing my thing @ 2DBZ when I came across this post for D/Will’s Cartoon Beat Emporium. I hadn’t seen these previously so I had to take out my internets late pass. I thought this was another project from Tanya Morgan’s Don Will and his crazy Cincinnati Jamaican having six jobs ass.

Nah, it turns out that D/Will is a rapper producer from the Kansas City area (TKC stand up!). He started a project titled Cartoon Beat Emporium where he takes clips from his favorite animated shows and lays his beats over the top of the visuals. Some of his favorite cartoons are some of my favorites also.

The beats that D/Will produced for these clips have some flavor to them. I’m imagining Sean Price going in over some of these joints like the Dexter’s Lab track. These cartoon’s are making me fiend for a big ass salad bowl full of cereal. That and the fact I’m putting this post in the queue and its 2am. And I’m high.

Peep and enjoy…

America’s Killing Fields…

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009


America’s insatiable lust for cocaine is what has caused over 1300 murders this year so far in the Mexican border town Ciudad Juarez. That number is almost six times the amount of homicides committed here in New York City this year. Ciudad Juarez population is 2 million and NYC’s is 10 million.

Gunmen kill 8 at bar in Mexican border city

What’s the connection with a shitload of dollar bills in Washington D.c. showing trace amounts of cocaine on them and all of these murders inside Mexico? The demand is obviously fueling the supply. I don’t know who in D.C. is getting skeed up off the sneedle, but whoever they are there is blood on their hands. Mexico in 2009 has become similar to America’s crack infested ghettos from 1989.

The drug trade is too profitable and too formidable to be denied. The drug trade in Mexico has seeped into the social structure at every level. The cartels are becoming legitimate industries as they diversify their trades and expand their rackets. There is only one law now in Mexico. There is no law. There are only the cartels. Big fish eating smaller fish. Well, big fish shooting smaller fish to death. Then eating it.

Moral of the story…

Sniff cocaine with African currency.

Africa can’t get any more fucked the fuck up.

congo bucks


Monday, July 13th, 2009

bo knows

Instead of watching the Major League Baseball All-Star game which won’t be featuring some of the game’s best players I decided to go to the NikeID website and craft a pair of shoes in honor of one of my favorite baseball heroes. It was only twenty years ago in 1989 that this player was the MVP of the mid-summer night’s classic game for hitting 2 for 4, including a home run, 2 RBI’s and stealing a base for good measure. That was some WILLIE MAYS ish right there.

BO JACKSON has already had several Air Trainers releases named after him and the memorable ad campaign of ‘Bo Knows’ which might have been the height of Nike’s commercial creativity. The Air Trainer III is one of the shoes that adorn my personal sneaker collecting Holy Grail.

bo knows

I put this pair together for a look at what a futuristic Kansas City Royals uniform might require. Royal blue has to remain on the shoes at least as an accent. Nike’s new cross-trainer design has incorporated the ‘Flywire’ technology on the shoes upper to make the shoes incredibly lightweight. The Free 5.0 outsole is used for the comfort and ergonomic movement of the foot. I like the fact that NikeID also has an option for nubuck material on the shoes upper which gives the cross trainer a classy ‘athletic shoe’ look.

Would BO JACKSON rock these Air Max Trainers?

Hells chea!

DALLAS knows…

dallas knows
dallas knows
dallas knows
dallas knows
dallas knows

DP2FTV On The Radio…

Friday, April 17th, 2009


Hey young world!

Click the link here to listen to your boy DP on the HoodHype radio show.

I talks all that good shit with the hosts J-Mack, Major and Phro.

I teach them the techniques to creating a Futuristic Brunch and I promise them I will drink them to death during my next visit to the D.

They call that shit the “Mitten”.