The Association’s Rolling Thunder…


I fux with KEVIN DURANT [ll].

Get on this kid’s bandwagon early. He is the future of the Association. I can’t see the OKC Thunder being league champs because where the fux is OKC anyhoo, but Kevin Durant is a special player. Kevin Garnett special. And even smoother than KG. Durant has a wicked handle for a big man and ridiculous range.

Another reason I fux with Kevin Durant is because when he signed his deal with Nike directly out of college one of his requirements for his signature shoe was that it would have a midrange pricepoint. No, his shoes aren’t as cheap as the Starburys but if you play the streets like I do you might could come up on these joints for $40.


One of the Association’s latest fashion trends has been the compression sleeves that various players wear on their shooting arms. I know the league has a requirement for the amount of skin that MUST be visible for players. This is why the players can’t wear the pantyhose on both arms. You know Carmelo Anthony would wear pantyhose all over his body if David Stern would allow it.

The Association’s overall field goal percentage is down so where is the proof that these pantyhose help you shoot? Artis Gilmore never wore pantyhose on his arms. He did however wear tightpants. Artis Gilmore has the greawtest shooting percentage of all time. Kevin Durant does NOT wear pantyhose on his arms.

You can have your Showbean Bryant, I will fux with Kevin Durant.


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  1. 6 100 says:

    Get some pantyhose for T-Mac. It might prevent torn labia, and give him the compresssion of CPR durig his frequent heart failure

  2. Rob says:

    I’ll take Showbean Bryant and the championships that come with him D

  3. VEe! says:

    Those kicks look superb. I would rock them but they’re not running sneakers . . . and you know I am str8 100 miles and running.

  4. Slumbilical says:

    You know Carmelo Anthony would wear pantyhose all over his body if David Stern would allow it.



    btw on the shtrenf…the grandma post made me shed thug tears in heaven. i am neither a thug nor do i reside in heaven, but i think you get the concept. great post.

  5. Tony Grands says:

    I’ll gladly keep my Showbean, Sir Penn. Crooked fingers & all. Durant is a beast though, & those kicks are something like aiight, for real.

    I predict for ’10, the young cats who rock the basketball shorts @ all times, will adopt the mantyhose (no typo) as well.

    T-Mac should put the mantyhose around a Dolorean, & try this bball shit all over again, from scratch.

  6. Slumbilical says:


    PEEPAGE. asian kids with rich parentals stay going in on the illest nikes. no shots whatsoever at any of the asiatic brejrins.

  7. the_dallas says:

    I’m saying it right here before the clocks ticks down on 2009…

    “Showbean Bryant and the LakeShow will NOT be repeat champs in the 2010 Association Finals.”

    Now what?!?

  8. Rob says:

    Maybe not repeat as champs but will win @ least one more in the next 3 seasons. Then the team will be blown up again and rebuilt and will win more titles before the knicks win they’ re next title. Just like we’ve blown our teams up to rebuild and win, what 9, 10 titles, since the knickerbockers last championship team.

  9. Tony Grands says:


    Under other circumstances, I would spend an entire day on this thread going back & forth with you, word to my BB….but if these dudes don’t tune up whatever needs realignment, & get back the eye of the tiger, the realist in me [||] can sorta understand how you might say that.

    No conceding, just keeping it absolute. Kobe can not do it alone, Pau needs some vitamins-or some amazonian Spaniard sex or something, Bynam needs to up his Albuterol dosage, it’s just a train wreck right now.

    I can’t agree with you, but I understand. Also, let the record show that I’ve been who’riding for them all season, In case there’s any confusion.

  10. Rob says:

    ^^ Grand$

    Been “who’riding” them my whole life

  11. getthesenets says:

    artis gilmore used to miss the rim shooting free throws at the end of his career………

    durant needs to get his weight up…

  12. Tony Grands says:

    Oh, & by “train wreck” I mean they’re not playing in the capacity nor fashion that a defending championship team should. They cruised along, unscathed, more or less, this seaon (4 losses) until they bumped heads with the Lebrons. The Cavs exposed mad holes in them for a team that wears championship rings. That’s the caliber of opposition they’ll have to get through, if not the exact team, for a repeat. Lebron wasn’t even electrifying & they bullied us, the whole game through.

    I’ll stand by my purple & gold though, like I’ve done for 30+ years, win, lose or draw, whatever. I’m like the Memphis Bleek to the Lakers Jay-Z. Committed. But…

  13. Tony Grands says:


    No confusion, mayne. Born & raised in L.A. I know nothing but the lake show, from Manchester Ave to Chick Hearns Way, I just meant I’ve been barking all this season, since DP first started speaking on the new season.

  14. the_dallas says:

    I see the LakeShow this way…

    Kobe wants it more than anyone in the game. ANYONE. But the rest of the LakeShow is just happy to be along for the ride. Aside from Ron Artest, who wants to win, but wants to party even harder.

    When Jackson coached the Bulls with Jordan and Rodman this was a similar situation. I would argue that Dennis Rodman was actually more talented as a basketball player than Artest is and that was the Bulls advantage.

    If the LakeShow weere a group of ‘A’-type motivated dudes they could get 70 wins in a season because they have that much talent, but these guys are so balls deep [ll] in fine white pussy why would they even care?

  15. Slumbilical says:

    balls deep [ll] in fine white pussy


    “take bafs with white women” (c) the chef

    OB4CL2 bitches

  16. getthesenets says:

    artest has about 90% of rodman’s defensive skillls and heart….with a much better offensive game….

    rodman is a hall of famer, in a fair world……….but on offense he was a liability in some situations

  17. $ykotic/Don McCaine says:

    So am I wrong for going to a Blazer game with a Knick jersey on and matching Durant kicks?

    Feb 9 is the day I remind cats The Blazers fukked up again. Ol’ strawberry preserve knees having Greg Oden don’t even have a Nike deal and he lives close to Beaverton. True story I was at the game where Oden had his best game EVER, and I was arguing with dudes in the stands that it was the best time to trade dude and Steve Blake with a draft pick for Bosh.

    Look what happened next.

    Roy/Durant/rejuvenated Rasheed on Oregon weed=Laker worries

    New York Knickerbockers 4eva.

    LOL @ Slumbilical

  18. getthesenets says:

    oden………….the black bill walton

  19. Tony Grands says:

    Rodman’s on Celebrity Rehab this season…

    If Shannon Brown, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum play to full potential, then they can pull of a 70 win season. But?

  20. $ykotic/Don McCaine says:

    @ getthesenets

    Isn’t it ironic that he’s employed by the same team?

  21. Rob says:

    Dammit Dallas I not only see it that way too but I been worried about that since they won it all last year. They seem to be happy with their title instead of staying hungry for the titles they could be winning. Kobe being the obvious exception.

    @ Sublimical- Ha!

    @ getthesenets- no shit

  22. Tony Grands says:

    ….no heart. Phil needs to have them dudes Karma Sutra’ing in the locker room.

    No, wait, wtf?!?!?!!

    Pause. Twice.

    I meant meditating on some zen & fung schway.

  23. ovid bowsprit says:

    Lakers are tired this week,and they’re showing it. But the chances are better than none that they will repeat this year. Sorry, Mr. the Dallas, but you may be wise in many things, but this one you are beyond your ken.

    And thanks for the CHEA shirt. I wear it with pride on the left coast.

  24. Enigmatik says:

    Durant is indeed the truth….next level baller right there….don’t sleep…

    I’m inclined to agree with Dallas…the Lakers don’t strike me as having the heart and endurance to repeat. Kobe can’t replicate the drive that exists within him, Artest wants to win but is likely to get sidetracked by the Hollywood sideshow and the rest of the squad are some push-overs.

    Fact: In their 6 losses, LA’s average margin of defeat is 15 points

    Boston is looking strong and as much as I hate to say it, those bastards in Cleveland have been playing darn good as of late.

  25. Tony Grands says:


    Nah, Artest had plenty of time to get swept up in the L.A. bullshit blitzkreig. He tried; he gave out his cell# on the ch9 news, had a few “performances” on TMZ, one of which he bought the whole block hot dogs, told the world he was a functioning alcoholic @ one point, & attempted to give Tiger some “keep ya head up” type advice. He seems to be taking his medication these days. IF they don’t repeat, it won’t be because of Kobe, Pau or Artest. Odom’s got his foot stuck in Kardashian shit, so he’s playing lousy, & yeah, the rest of the squad needs to watch some episodes of ‘White Shadow’ & take ‘Love & Basketball’ out of the DVD player.

  26. BIGNAT says:

    three big reason why it will be hard for the lakers to win it all again this year. one like someone else put down they have lost the hunger. two odom does not like contact play. three gasol just like odom does not like contact play. both of them are softer than soft serve ice cream.

  27. $ykotic/Don McCaine says:

    It takes the Knicks to give the Nets that 3rd win. Fukking D’Antoni…

  28. SIC Beats says:

    “You know Carmelo Anthony would wear pantyhose all over his body if David Stern would allow it.” – DP


  29. Enigmatik says:

    @Tony – True and indeed about Odom….but he’s a career underachiever anyways…if people did know that before, then marrying the worst looking Kardashian sister should cement that notion.

  30. Tony Grands says:

    ^^Sad thing about LO, I’ve been watching him play for years, even over in Miami. Sometimes dude just comes of a better version of Kwame Brown to me. Lotta size[||], lotta potential, but when we need that uumph, no dice. I’m going to reserve any Lake Show judgement until after the all-star break though. I hope Kobe takes that time & rests, he needs it. A whole team is heavy to carry alone.

  31. $ykotic/Don McCaine says:

    Real talk I used to play pick-up b-ball w/Odom in Williamsburg PJ’s in Bklyn. I was the only tall cat to guard dude….

    And I was in a rap group w/’Melo’s brother…

  32. Mark Dub says:

    I dig that KD negotiated a mid-range pricepoint for those joints. He must’ve learned from DP; take the L for the W! I may cop his joints[ll] on the strength of that.

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