Marvel Studios Stays Winning…


Even though the hairstylist for SCARLETT JOHANNSON didn’t nail the classic Black Widow hairdo, the idea of my WBM (white baby mama) in the Russian spy’s skintight bodysuit is deee fux’n lish.

Iron Man 2 can officially start taking a victory lap thru the multiplex parking lot right now.

I hope Tobey MacGuire makes a Spidey cameo at some point in this film. I will literally shit my pants and put the remains in empty Milk Duds boxes.


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  1. Tony Grands says:


    Can’t wait for that shit. I’m anxious to see if Cheadle can out sidekick Howard. Less ‘Hustle & Flow’, more ‘Talk To Me’, per se.

    Don Cheadle’s a Denzel mini-me, talent wise. He may be too big for that part [||].

  2. SIC Beats says:

    Word DP, Scarlett definitely has the Breast, ass, and hair on lock for the role. Marvel made a great choice. Now all they gotta do is find someone for Storm. Halle aint doing the role any justice.

  3. 6 100 says:

    She’s a good look, but I thought her hair was too red

    I’d shit my pants if they bought in the Black Cat into a Spiderman flick featuring Electro and the Lizard.

    Have you read the Electro origins books? Pretty interesting and also easily adaptable, movie-wise.

  4. 6 100 says:

    Oh. . .

    I nominate Benicio Del Toro to play Clayface in the next Batman movie

  5. king blair says:

    i hope the movie doesnt go into that mid 90’s batman territory where everything starts good then goes to shit after the credits roll cuz they tryna fitnto much into the movie for fanboys and then it sux

  6. VEe! says:

    I’m a fan of Scarlett and what not but I think she looks a tad bit ridiculous. I guess I’m used to her dramatic roles.

    The hairstylist definitely failed.

    ^king blair . . . Hollywood is notorious for that. Spiderman 3 killed any enthusiasm I probably will ever have for Spidey 4.

  7. $ykotic/Don McCaine says:

    Ironman 2 is gonna be bananas. I gotta make sure to not OD on the kush b4 I see it.

    The Lizard, Electro & Tarantula should be in the next Spidey.

    No Hawkeye for Ironman 2?

    X-Men:Origins might wanna scrap that Magneto ep & do Remy or Colossus…

  8. Tony Grands says:

    DC better be huddled somewhere figuring out their next move, outside of the Dark Knight. Marvel has upped the ante something fierce.

    & after ‘Superman Returns’, unless they (DC) hit me with ‘Doomsday: The Death of Superman’ live action, I’m done.


    The “origins” idea is good, but they could scrap that altogether, leave that for the animated’s, & focus on the extensive universe Marvel has.

    Anybody see ‘The Watchmen’? Is it worth my precious 2 hours?

  9. $ykotic/Don McCaine says:

    The Watchmen???

    You won’t be high. Wait for the TBS premiere….

  10. Tony Grands says:

    ^^i won’t be drunk (c) my liver.

    But high, hmmmmmm. Brother may need to go in this year.

  11. Mark Dub says:

    Marvel fuxed up X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so they’d BETTA wreck shop w/Iron-Man 2. I smell a win coming on w/Scarlett Johansen. That’s a bad broadzilla there!

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