Sean P and I mostly agree on shit when it comes to kicks (other than New Balance). We both have hell’a Dunks and Air Max and not so much Jordan brand shit. So I was surprised the other day when P sent me an e-mail describing the latest shoes on his wish list along with the joints that were receiving his vaunted “Emphatically 14 15” designation.

For those of you keeping score at home, when Ruck says “14 15” he is speaking on the 14th and 15th letters in the alphabet. The N and O. Non Cipher for all of you cats who are still 5-percenters. Nyet for my dude Dmitry Vortman and any other Russian heads up here on DP dot com. An emphatic 14 15 means that he wouldn’t get pictured in that item. Think Ricky Rothchild rugbys and the what not.

The shoes that P is fuxing with are the Air Force 1 Foamposites.


I don’t typically fux with Forces at all. I can count all my pairs of Forces on one hand. The idea of a foam Force was executed better with the ‘Forceposite’ design. These Air Force 1 Foamposites look like Frankenstein boots.

The shoes getting the ‘Emphatic 14 15’ are the Air Jordan Alpha 1 Outdoors FTLOTG (For The Love Of The Game – for those of you keeping score at home). I’m mad now because I fux with these joints. The Air Jordan Alpha 1 is being slept on by the masses.

Alpha 1s

Props to

What do y’all Sneaker Fiends think? Are you fuxing with the Air Force 1 Foams? Are you shitting on the Air Jordan Alpha 1s? Is that powder blue colorway not the bomb. I’ma let y’all decide.

30 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. cocotaso says:

    i cant mess with any kind of af1 hybrid period. and i haven’t been too crazy about the aj alpha 1, but these outdoor versions are pretty hot. i just cant mess with the FTLOTG colorway nor that fruity heart

  2. BIGNAT says:

    both will be on my if i find it for cheap maybe list.

  3. Grand Master says:

    af1 hybrids usually get the gas face, but these joints are distinctive 21st-century stormtrooper lockdown swagger. straight up space boots. i would be surprised if you do not automatically go into a reflexive moonwalk just off the strength, as soon as they get laced up.

    those knockoff-lookin-ass jordans get the pu~ tho

  4. T-marT says:

    the alpha 1’s in that blue are sooo smooth, BUT WTF is that black shit on the heel. ruined them !!!!! looks like a emo heart, no comment on the air 1’s

  5. T-marT says:

    syke, them air 1;s look like moon shoes

  6. getthesenets says:

    only if you got school at Chapel Hill,NC

  7. Alvin says:

    Stick to yours guns DP. Not feeling this particular colorway too tough but Air Jordan Alpha 1s are official with a whistle. I usually vomit at the thought of AF1 hybrids but those Foams are “intriguing.” Personally, it’s mostly because you don’t see too many of the true high top versions with the strap, besides on Rasheed Wallace.

  8. $yk says:

    The N and O. Non Now Cipher for all of you cats who are still 5-percenters.

    ^ fixed

    If the AF1 foams were a different colorway it might do.

  9. the_dallas says:

    Thx for knowledging my knowledge

  10. king blair says:

    Foamposits kick ass like my boy Mirko Cro-Cop

  11. Smear says:

    Nah the alphas are cool… the baby blue maybe a bit much.
    Not a fan of those “Forceposits”

  12. Those Foam Force’s are definitely to futuristic for my g.

  13. fosterakahunter says:

    Foamposite AF1’s are AWESOME! (Like DJ Lance Rock sez.) The Alfuhwun is good design-wise, but you won’t get purists to GO. I still try to wrap my head around Jordan Brand retros that are priced a about third more than the original, but made with slightly crappier materials. (See the recent Retro 2 release, which I loved in ’87) Mike is a jerk, anyway. (Ask Chamillionaire.)

  14. Smear says:

    Not a fan of the fusions really but must confess I dropped 50 on some a pair of the AFJ fusions…. can’t afford a new pair of 5’s….no, they don’t get much wear. Fuck if they aren’t comfy tho!

  15. sean p 4real says:

    yo real niggaz dont wear baby blue sneakers
    i won!!!

  16. sean p 4real says:

    Frankenstein dont wear baby blue sneakers

  17. sean p 4real says:

    (what would wale wear)

  18. the_dallas says:

    ^ I don’t Wale and them new niggas

  19. superbadsolace says:

    lmfao @ W.W.W.W.! This nigga P! Dallas, those “alpha jordan 1’s” made me throw up in my mouth. Those are atrocious. I can’t do those foam AF1’s either tho….I’ve endured girls saying my pearl foams look like astronaut kicks my whole life. This would take it to another level. I’d cop if they were at tj maxx, with the additional red sticker scheme, that is.

  20. atifl says:

    straight up N.O. on these. these sneaks awful just awful. *shakes head and slams laptop shut*

  21. sean p 4real says:

    this nigga solace got a pair already
    when it comes 2 jordans son got the inside stuff like ahmad rashad

  22. As a DMV resident, Id cop the AF foams strictly off GP. Especially if they dropped in Eggplant or Pearl. We can’t resist flights/foams out here lol. Those other shits though… You can have it.

  23. DirtyJerz says:

    Word Is Bawn!
    I’m fuxin’ with the AF1 Foamposites, even tho’ it kinda looks like a Lost In Space robot shoe…but I would have to catch ’em waaaay below MSRP! just cuz Foams aren’t usually my stee and I’m definitely off them AF1’s…When my pops recently copped a pair from FootAction,I knew I had to empty the closet …
    thats like your moms being on twitter.

  24. Hahaha I’ve never liked the AF1 silhouette (although I can respect the LE game they were holding down circa early 2000’s), so I’m thinking of this release as a foamposite vandal to get me over that shit lol.

  25. SuperbadSolace says:

    Sean Price was sporting Hakeem Olajuwan Spalding sneakers before monkey barz LP. He graduated to purple patined leather Frada’s (Brooklyn!) after kimbo. Toss’em on the telephone wire before Converse catches u my g.

  26. MD says:

    the foams a go. the alpha’s are slept on just not the powder blue jawns. I agree with your rapper friend no baby blue anything word to Fat Joe’s phantom.

  27. the_dallas says:

    Best voicemail evar…

    Sean P called me up and told me to GTFOH with them “nurse shoes”


    Okay, Sean P wins this round.

    Mic Tyson dropping soon.

  28. deez says:

    lol they look like blue crocs lollllllllll

  29. sean p 4real says:

    solace got a fresh pair of Domonique Wilkins brooks in his closet

  30. the same with

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