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Takin’ It To The Streets 2010

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


Takin’ It to the Streets 2010… GET FAMILIAR!

Here at, you already know that if that real hip-hop is going down anywhere on God’s green earth, we’re there. Plain and simple. NY to the Windy City to wherever. So it’s absolutely no question that we have to put the whole Midwest (and actually the whole internets) onto the hip-hop event of the summer that’s going down in Chicago this Saturday, hosted by the Inner-city Muslim Action Network (aka IMAN), the most amazing, awe-inspiring non-profit around. Mos Def. Brother Ali. The blogs’ favorite, Mikkey Halsted. And many, many, many more. Marquette Park. 9 am to 9 pm. Straight up 12 hours of that real hip-hop. Get familiar, clear out your Saturday, and make your way to Marquette Park for an unforgettable event.

See you there, internets!


Saturday, June 12th, 2010


Sean P and I mostly agree on shit when it comes to kicks (other than New Balance). We both have hell’a Dunks and Air Max and not so much Jordan brand shit. So I was surprised the other day when P sent me an e-mail describing the latest shoes on his wish list along with the joints that were receiving his vaunted “Emphatically 14 15” designation.

For those of you keeping score at home, when Ruck says “14 15” he is speaking on the 14th and 15th letters in the alphabet. The N and O. Non Cipher for all of you cats who are still 5-percenters. Nyet for my dude Dmitry Vortman and any other Russian heads up here on DP dot com. An emphatic 14 15 means that he wouldn’t get pictured in that item. Think Ricky Rothchild rugbys and the what not.

The shoes that P is fuxing with are the Air Force 1 Foamposites.


I don’t typically fux with Forces at all. I can count all my pairs of Forces on one hand. The idea of a foam Force was executed better with the ‘Forceposite’ design. These Air Force 1 Foamposites look like Frankenstein boots.

The shoes getting the ‘Emphatic 14 15’ are the Air Jordan Alpha 1 Outdoors FTLOTG (For The Love Of The Game – for those of you keeping score at home). I’m mad now because I fux with these joints. The Air Jordan Alpha 1 is being slept on by the masses.

Alpha 1s

Props to

What do y’all Sneaker Fiends think? Are you fuxing with the Air Force 1 Foams? Are you shitting on the Air Jordan Alpha 1s? Is that powder blue colorway not the bomb. I’ma let y’all decide.

Brothers Making Moves on the [ll]ow, Part II: Athletes Making Moves on the [ll]ow

Thursday, January 28th, 2010


“Men marryin’ men – i[ll]!” (c) Ghost-dini

Today brought more revelations of brothers making us proud by making powerful moves on the super duper [ll]ow.

Tiger Acts Tigerish with Menfo[ll]k – ROWR!


Eric Green Goes Brown:


Brothers Making Moves on the [ll]ow, Part I: Pharre[ll]

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010


“Take off the blazer, [ll]oosen up the tie. Step inside the booth, Superman is alive”. (c) camel

As one half of the Neptunes, producer/singer/songwriter/designer/pop ido[ll] Phare[ll] has been making moves on the [ll]ow for a minute. He was a no-brainer for our first profile. This brother is – how shall we say(?) – prolific. Let’s get into it [ll].

Pharre[ll] is down with the anima[ll]s. Hence he frequently appears in public appearing as though he is giving any manner of furry creature a piggy-back ride. Exhibit 1:


Exhibit 2 – the O.G. [ll]ouis Vuitton Don (absolutely no shots at another BMMOT[ll] Hall of Famer by the same name):


Nothing says “I make moves on the [ll]ow” like waxed taco meat and baby oi[ll]:


Phare[ll] is an inte[ll]ectual:


[ll]aid back in the cut:


A man of impeccab[ll]e taste:


There is absolutely nothing wrong with carrying a purp[ll]e purse. Nothing:


Pharre[ll] also plays it safe by doub[ll]e bagging it:


Internets…does my ass [ll]ook big in these?

butt piracy

Straight men [ll]ove Madonna:


A match made in heaven with still another BMMOT[ll] Hall of Famer:


Pharre[ll] stay snugg[ll]ed up with least bout one or two white beards. I mean, white broads:




The Bron and Kobe of BMMOT[ll] are down with Marc [ll]acobs…on the [ll]ow:


Pharre[ll], it’s no secret – we salute you for making power moves on the [ll]ow. Go ‘head with your bad se[ll]f!

secret Presents: Brothers Making Moves on the [ll]ow (aka BMMOT[ll]) – a Unique, Charismatic and Vibrant Ongoing Series.

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

look at the eye make-up...LOOK AT IT

Ta[ll]iban (no Dipset) has been making moves on the low since even before 9-11…

It is well-known that some brothers make moves out in the open. Other brothers choose to make moves on the [ll]ow. Here at, we salute those brothers. In furtherance of such salutations, we will be profiling such brothers from time to time and generally letting the internets know how these p[ll]ayers get down. Are you ready, internets? Really? Mack? I’m gawn in.