Sean Price and Timeless Truth don’t play games when it comes to running up on sales on the website.

I won’t click a link for anything less than 30% but for a 40% Off RL Pre-Sale I’m going innnnnnnnn!

Peep the 40% Off code these dudes blessed me with – PS2010525757

I need this I.T. A while back I lost out on another mean nautical jacket but this time I’m on hunt for red October. Well, orange October then.


13 Responses to “THE NEW CLASSICS…”

  1. a-one says:

    Yeah man I aint even gots no job & I dropped a few bills on this sale. Plus I got the extra 5% by usin my discover card to pay. I win!

  2. BIGNAT says:

    oooooo the only polo stuff i own is shorts and swimming trunks. maybe i can find that polo with the hood on it for a good price. i saw it in the mayhem lauren video you put up a couple days ago. i was impressed by that seeing this post reminded me about it.

  3. BIGNAT says:

    i just saw that jacket on there 249 not bad but nothing bigger than a xl though

  4. BIGNAT says:

    i didn’t find that joint but i am going in with this mr rodger’s update. bitches it’s going to be a beautiful day in your neighborhood when i come through with this joint on.

  5. T-marT says:

    is it possible to get 40% off with that code? or u just styling on us??

    im trying to get 40% off on one of those 45 $ hats …..

  6. 40 says:

    Code no workie!!!! Anyone got any others? Thanks in advance!


  7. DirtyJerz says:

    40, that code no longer works….not sure what happened. I tried to kill ’em for a round two and they shut me down. But the public sale starts on Nov. 4th, 40% off with an additional 15% off with NOV0410. You pra’li got that joint in the mail.

  8. 40 says:

    Respect Due Jerz.

  9. the_dallas says:

    Good looks Jerz.

    Would I be a psycho for trying to copp this jacket in XL?

    Even with 55% Off the answer is still yes.

    *cues Cee-Lo/DangerMouse ‘Crazy’ remix*

  10. dmitry aka brooklyn jew says:

    da jacket is beautful but 250 is still kinda too much for me right now if it drops to 150 ill cop it, i doubt it will. But i was at my local masrshalls and copped a polo beige rain coat dats just butters for 120 along wit an olympic 2010 scarf and matching scully cap.

  11. DirtyJerz says:

    Yo…that would definitely make you 4loko. for that price, i gotta be able to fit it….but if it went down to 50 cent? definite cop for the books.

    I know the big man selections be on some real ol’ man steez, but every now and then they drop some heat….best believe i’m goin’ in for the flag sweater + the matching hat!

  12. BIGNAT says:

    thanks jerz i am going in on thursday fuck it i should be saving but i have to get some things i saw.

  13. illill says:

    that jacket is at the outlet….butta

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