Bladerunner: The Final Cut…


Thanks to the prA’li supporters two(2) readers are getting a DVD of my favorite sci-fi flick of all time.

To get yourself a DVD via snail mail just answer this question…

In this flick Detective Gaff is Rick Deckard’s (Harrison Ford) somewhat partner. Tell me the name of the character who Gaff plays in the remade interstellar sci-fi series from 2003-2009?

First two(2) correct answers get the DVDs.

Ridley Scott directed BladeRunner and the OG Alien. Those flicks pwn everything sci-fi not named Star Wars.

14 Responses to “Bladerunner: The Final Cut…”

  1. Paul says:

    Admiral William Adama

  2. BIGNAT says:

    William Adama on the new Battlestar Galactica

  3. BIGNAT says:

    The reimagined miniseries Battlestar Galactica, developed by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, was first telecast in 2003, and this concept was continued with another Battlestar Galactica TV series telecast from 2004 to 2009. A prequel TV series, Caprica, began airing in 2010.

  4. the_dallas says:

    Paul and BigNat FTW

  5. BIGNAT says:

    google is my friend hahahahah

  6. bopped says:

    cant hate on total recall

  7. the_dallas says:

    I love Total Recall but this is BaldeRunner, Alien and Star Wars I’m talking about

  8. BIGNAT says:

    i hate on star wars but that is because lucas fucked up his own movies.

  9. BIGNAT says:

    walking dead show good so far

  10. BIGNAT says:

    i like walking dead because they eat everything even animals

  11. Tony says:

    Call me crazy, but I like the original version with the voice over. Reminds me of a dystopian futuristic detective movie.

  12. sYk says:

    neva seen this movie. did I lose?

    LF: dP good looking on them mixers…needed some NY heat rox (nh)

  13. BIGNAT says:

    I have never seen it myself. the first one came out when i was still a baby

  14. nerditry says:

    Soundtrack to Blade Runner is so serious. Vangelis is the real mood music.

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