Bladerunner Is Still The G.O.A.T.


As I gird up to go fanboy banana bread crazy for the Watchmen premiere I have to remind myself of the G.O.A.T. sci-fi flick that questioned the validity of humanity and what it means to be human.

BladeRunner is still that crack after all these years. EDWARD JAMES OLMOS doesn’t get the props he deserves either for being the efficiently sinister “good cop”. That dude is an actor through and through.

Go copp BladeRunner if you don’t have it yet, as a matter of fact, if you don’t have BladeRunner yet turn on only the hot water and go stand in the shower naked.

6 Responses to “Bladerunner Is Still The G.O.A.T.”

  1. nerditry says:

    Try fucking with the original Vangelis soundtrack, too.

    Peace to Rutger Hauer.

  2. Combat Jack says:

    I’ve had this on VHS and DVD for years. Saw the director’s cut version on the big screen for the 1st time last year at the Ziegfield. Straight mangoes!!!! My 2nd fave movie of all time, Apocalypse Now being my first. Rutger Hauer was supposed to be the epitome of the ’80’s block buster star. Must’ve been the cocaine. Am gearing up to peep the 10am IMAX screening of WATCHMEN tomorrow. Peep the official Cj review after wards.

  3. chief racka says:

    Bladerunner is the GOAT sci-fi flick. It’s the first blu-ray movie I copped. Had it on VHS. Funny to hear them talking that skinjob shit on Battlestar.

  4. Dart_Adams says:

    Blade Runner: The Final Cut [Blu-Ray]>>>>>>>>>Breathing regularly and walking without difficulty


  5. nonwithstanding evidence says:

    Was Harrison Ford a robot (can’t remember the term from bladerunner)?

    that’s what i came to realize after watching the numerous different versions they’ve released.

  6. the_dallas says:

    ^ That is what they allude to

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