JODECI >>> ____ [ll]

devante swing

JoDeCi was the greatest rhythm & raunch group of all time.

Everyone else just looks like jokers (no Heath Ledger)

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  1. cocotaso says:

    my….man……can…..not….be serious. if you want some real rnb comedy hit up my dawg lou drawls.

  2. Ernie Paniccioli says:

    They were dope and K-Ci could out sing anyone (when he wasn’t Bitch slappin Mary J.) I was at all their videos, they are in my book Who Shot Ya? and I had my photos of them in over 100 magazines.
    I’m in the video “Love You For Life” which should be played at every wedding and helps ladies get in the mood and overlook the fact that her date is drunk and trying to get a phone number from other women.

  3. Mark Dub says:

    Jodeci was never my favorite group, but those cats made music that aided in my getting laid, so yeah…they were the shit.

  4. Angela says:

    @cocotaso That video hits too close to home. I’m currently rocking ol’ girl’s outfit…all the way to the wrapped hair/Aunt Jemima scarf. (no Birkenstocks)

    I love Jodeci, but I got love for Turquoise Jeep, too! I kicked it w/ a few of them when I used to live in ATL, had no idea they made these random ass videos, though. A few of my homegirls are “disguised” (read: wearing terrible wigs) as video er, dancers in their older stuff.

    In my humble opinion, Lemme Smang isn’t as good as Fried or Fertilized:

  5. VEe! says:

    THe thing that killed Jodeci was Devante Swing trying to be a rock star. Dalvin tried to sing and failed poorly. I believe he actually came out with a solo project.

    When they sang material that fit their traditional background the brothers were pure gold. When they ran with the Puffy-Uptown hip-hop R&B style, they were more or less hit or miss. The Diary of the Mad Band was a very uneven disc that didn’t produce many hits. K-Ci and JoJo on the Uptown Unplugged project was tight.

    And history has shown us that Missy (MisDemeanor) Elliot & Timothy was a far better hitmakers than Devante Swing. And he just tried to hold them back.

    Peace to Jodeci. Boys II Men was smart enough to stay in their lane and reap the benefits.

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