bird king

I wanted some explanation for all the hand signs that I had seen lately by crappers and miscellaneous ghetto celebrati (my word bitches). I was sure that it had to be some cult affiliation like the secret masonic hand gestures that are only mentioned in hushed whispers.

It turns out that there is this fringe sect of jig Scientologists that are running the Hollywood negroes. They call themselves the Per-DUU.

I call them birdbrains.

bird gang


  1. Born7 Malik Allah says:

    Why are the masonic shit only talked about in whisper,do you know? What are they hidin from the masses,do u know? Why r people believers instead of knowers,do you know? I do !

  2. the_dallas says:

    tell us about the connection to poultry

  3. Born7 Malik Allah says:

    They just hidin the fact that the blackman is god while yall wait 4 something that don’t exist to save yall. The leaders of all religions are masons,actual fact. They control the masses acting like they’re against each other but they homies behind closed door, same go 4 the leader of these countrys. But yall wanna still believe cause yall don’t know the truth. Positive negative black white right wrong yes no non religios religious god devil knower believer. Yall just don’t get it. While you think u don’t here about us(the nation of gods and earths aka 5%s),cause we the only group that teach the black man is god. Again after readin this go get your dictionary and look up the word know,belief, believe,and belie wich is the root word of both. U 85% are exceptin a lie and don’t even know it. That why they kill the father allah cause they thought the would stop the truth. But like father like son we move on. Just cause you ran into some five pretender or jive percenters in the past who was actin other than they self, we tha holder of the truth. Now check out dem words and get at me if any comment

  4. Born7 Malik Allah says:

    Ohh yeah about the poultry the devil just tryin to make u consume swine(pork)that why he made up bird flu and mad cow to try and make u 85% eat the other white meat. Devils on his job so be on yours and teach truth and shame the devils(white people). Who the black people enemy(whites)who spanish people enemy(whites)asian people enemy(whites)and so on and so on. Plain as day but u say I’m racist 4 statin facts. Truth is truth. The man is doin this the man is doin this(what man u talkin about). You figure it out if u can

  5. Miss Ahmad says:

    now i’m not 5% but being born and raised muslim i know for a fact that they do try to sneak the swine on you, they want you to eat it, they will put it in your food and it’s up to you to know what you are consuming.

    i don’t know if the black man is God, but I will say that when God had the idea to make the orginal man he made a Black Man, which has got to count for something!

  6. The widows Son says:

    Born 7…you discredit your race by dragging them to the past. Frankly speaking your lack of insight, education and intelligence are painfully obvious. Not to mention you are indeed a racist. If you were a wise man, you would realize being African American, means you are in fact part white or mixed with another race and not 100% black. Dont believe me? then have your DNA scanned and learn to hate 20% of yourself.

  7. Evia Basila says:

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