DP.com Back 2 School Swag 101…

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DP.com has all you hypebeast and FRESHmen covered [ll].

My homey All Purpose is a bonafide grinder. AP hit me up with a link to one of his latest clients. They’re a textiles company tryn’a comeup like EastPak or Jansport. Their name is Sprayground and they are decidely Hip-Hop influenced.

AP said that I could swag out a couple of DP.commenters with a back to school giveaway backpack. I’m already snatching a shark bag for myself to keep all the biters off my back. My favorite three designs were these joints.


Here is Sprayground’s complete arsenal for you to pick your own swag to match your style, but first you gotta answer this question: How many polysyllabic words does Inspectah Deck use in his verse that opens the Wu-Tang classic ‘Triumph’?

E-mail your answer to – the_dallas@dallaspenn.com

7 Responses to “DP.com Back 2 School Swag 101…”

  1. If we’re talking words with three or more syllables (including the correct proununcation and syntax) I’ve gotten 21…

  2. BIGNAT says:

    i’m feeling that junk mail joint i might pick it up. the last bag i got was a kidrobot joint. this one right here but i didn’t pay that much for it.


  3. JaiSlayer says:

    Damn…The Inspectah Deck!!!! About to have a brother really counting polysyllabic words. It’s all good though, that’s one of my favorites in the Wu-Tang catalog. Peace.

  4. Ricardo Mayo says:

    He has seven (7) polysyllabic words. Can I guess five (5)? I don’t wanna win, I just want to talk about the Wu. It’s all in the first six-bars, and that makes me a hip hop head in my OWN right.

  5. JaiSlayer says:

    Drewpreme what up!!! When it comes to rappers 95 percent of the time there is never correct pronunciation. I counted 18 polysllabic words though. DP what’s the good word!!!!

  6. the_dallas says:

    1. atomically
    2. Socrates
    3. philosophies
    4. hypothesis
    5. mockeries
    6. lyrically
    7. robbery
    8. lottery
    9. possibly
    10. explosion
    11. tremendous
    12. forensics
    13. millennium
    14. platinum
    15. patrolmen
    16. Shinobi
    17. performin

  7. cocotaso says:

    checked the website and im lovin the pipe dream and money stacks designs. oh and that cope2 that is sold out. however im not feeling the styles of bags. maybe in person it might be a different story. i can see the money stacks bag being what they are known for, ala box logo, horsey etc….

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