The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz


Now I see the reason that DIDDY, The King of all Jigs, can’t stop, won’t stop dancing.

Fuck a grocery bill, do you know what the sunglass budget for all these jig babies must look like?!?

17 Responses to “The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz”

  1. Candice says:

    Kim Porter is one of those women that truly disgusts me. The kid standing next to her in the white is her oldest son with Al B.Sure. She is a professional gold digger. What does this chick do? Since, Al B. in the early 90’s, this chick has been living off someone’s money. Now while I don’t know her personally, I can say from observation that she needs some self esteem.

    Her man started dating J.Lo while they were engaged. She found out in the press. He dumped her a$$. Then when he caught a bid, J.Lo’s people made her dump him….he came back and she jumped right back in.

    Get some self respect for you and your kids and stop cheesing in front of the camera’s. At least Kimora used Russell to fund her clothing label, book deal, etc.

  2. Perforce1 says:

    who’s daddy is that one on the left top corner, Jamie Foxx?

  3. Candice says:

    Hmm…could be?

  4. Candice, spit that truth.

    Go out in NY to the NBA draft party, or an album release or a celeb birthday party and see how many women are lining up to collect that sperm check.

    Its really sickening.

  5. Candice says:

    I can respect your hustle as a woman if you snag one of these ballers. Great. However, with all of that money floating around…what are you doing with it? At least use it to do something everyday. Start a business, a charity, go back to school…damn…even a clothing line. All that paper and you are content to shop and pose all day? They need to be working on doing something of their own cause those men are cheating left and right.

    I hate ambitionless folks. **stepping down from the soapbox**

  6. P.I.Y. says:

    See this is why Puffy shouldn’t have f*cked her face up, cause he is going to have to look at that ugly ass shit the rest of his life.

    “I hate ambitionless folks.” I agree and let’s call Ms. Porter what she really is-a trick.

  7. satirical says:

    Bitch get a job.

  8. what! says:

    Are you people for real? Say what you will, but Kim has one of the hardest working entertainers on the planet and to boot she has her own business – do your homework before you hate unecessarily! Last time I checked Puffy got with her because she was doing her thang on the runway-

  9. what! says:

    Im wondering how many of you haters are on the county? just wondering if yawl are tricks of the system?

  10. Billy Sunday says:

    ^You are tripping! Are you homegirl’s P.R. flack?

    What has Kim done other than have babies for niggas from Mt.Vernon?

  11. STOP HATING says:


  12. chris says:

    I bet everyone that is hating on Kim wish they can be her. She is not ugly either. She is a beautiful dark skin sista. I don’t understand how people have so much to say and they don’t even know her. She has 4 kids and yes the fathers should be helping her give to give their children the best life. She did not force Diddy to have a baby with her. No one is say how wrong his is for cheating on her and messing up there family by disrespecting her. She gave him a chance to have a family he messed it up. So now all he have to do is support his children and he makes enough money to do that.

  13. LAFONDA GLOVER says:

    I just think she has a high tolerance level to put up with Diddy…Money isnt everything, peace of mind is priceless.

  14. Ragirlpink says:

    R U people serious???? I stopped on here to check out da pics, but what instead do I get ……a racist haters site, did u not read the caption under the pics???? JIG BABIES…IS THIS TO SAY WHAT????

  15. Neva Judge says:

    Yeah this site is full of haters. Gotdayum, I’m mad late but Candice just made my skin crawl. This same story has been told since the beginning of time, women have babies, often times by different men, add a little money in the mix and all of a sudden she’s a non working trick ass bitch? Think again. As for the unemployed aspect, she was a receptionist (when did this become an indecent living?) as well as a model and now she runs her own event planning business with friends. So her kids’ fathers are famous? That’s her social circle, if she had ’round the way baby daddies I bet all the hate and jealousy would fade. No one’s calling Heidi Klum out her name? And why is that? Just because Seal married her? Get real! That whole make an honest woman out me is what keeps sistas in this harmful mentality of a man having to rescue us from ourselves. U don’t have to be married to raise beautiful, upstanding children and in the end that’s the only thing that matters!

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