Get Ready 4 Combat…

Montreal stand the fux up!

Mount Royal’s favorite deejay A-Trak stopped by the Combat Jack Show. Just Blaze aka The Cheat Code called in to the show from the studio with Hip-Hop Hollywood impresario Ludacris. Benhameen poetry and grooves. Matt Raz news. A-King snooze.

Yeah, your normal dose of weekly Wednesday fuxery.

The Combat Jack Show (A-Trak) 4-25-12 by PNCRadio

And Brooklyn’s newest neighbors from New Jersey dropped off some gifts for the gang. The Brooklyn Nets are gonna be the KCR* – Brooklyn Royale if I have anything to say about this…

*Kings County Royale

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  1. khal says:

    love expos fitteds

  2. Jaislayer says:

    Another great show

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