The Dark Phoenix Saga

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Copping those Air max 90’s reminded me of how much I enjoyed the Dark Phoenix saga inside the X-Men comic book series. As a matter of fact I think this event was sadder for me then learning that there wasn’t a Santa Claus. Jean Grey was a woman that was endowed with an incredible amount of uncontrollable power. It wasn’t long before she was corrupted and then consumed by that power. I wanted her to win in the end, but what I didn’t realize is that sometimes death is a victory. It still hurts though.

Walk with me for a minute as we go through the issues that lead up to her demise…


X-MEN #134
The X-Men defeat the Knights of the Hellfire Club, but in the process they lose Jean Grey forever. Her mind was altered by the villain Mastermind, who was impersonating a Victorian era gentleman named Jason Wyngarde. In the process of infiltrating Jean Grey’s brain Mastermind unlocked some of the pyschic barriers that Professor X had installed to keep Jean Grey from realizing the potential of the Phoenix power. Now that the Phoenix was unleashed it repaid Mastermind by essentially performing a lobotomy on him without the surgery, reducing Mastermind to the comicbook version of TERRI SCHIAVO. The Phoenix then becomes the Dark Phoenix.


X-MEN #135
Defeating the Hellfire Club was simple compared to trying to tame the raw fury of the Dark Phoenix. Part of the reason the X-Men are having difficulty is because they don’t want to hurt Jean Grey while trying to put the Dark Phoenix in check. No dice. The Dark Phoenix knows all of their weaknesses and it doesn’t want to be stifled. In short, the X-Men’s ass is grass.


X-MEN #136
The Phoenix force has totally consumed Jean Grey’s body and is out of control. Drunk with freedom it traveled into another solar system and consumed an entire star, similiar to the Sun that our Earth rotates around. Unfortunately, the star was also the life giver to the planets within its system and one of those planets was inhabited by billions of lifeforms that were all killed when the Dark Phoenix consumed the star. The Dark Phoenix was an out of control universal force. Some say the Dark Phoenix is more powerful than Galactus. For whatever reason the Dark Phoenix returned to Earth it gave the X-Men one last chance to defeat it. Professor X recruited Jean Grey’s parents in the hopes that they might be able to reach whatever was left of Jean’s pysche that the Dark Phoenix had not corrupted. With that small opening the Professor engaged in a telepathic duel with the Dark Phoenix for the soul of Jean Grey. With Jean’s help the Professor was barely able to subdue the Dark Phoenix.


X-MEN #137
For my money this is the greatest comicbook ever created. The art and the story are the most incredible flight of fancy and emotion that I have ever ridden. FRANK MILLER’s Daredevil and Dark Knight books are a close second and third, but if I could only have one single issue of any comic title it would be this one. The X-Men are kidnapped by the Imperial Guard and Jean Grey is placed on trial for the crimes that the Phoenix has committed. The X-Men offer to duel with the Imperial Guard for Jean’s life and a battle royale ensues. The X-Men are getting their asses handed to them on a platter when suddenly the Phoenix re-emerges to thump out everybody. Jean Grey can feel the power surging inside of her and before she can be transformed again into the Dark Phoenix she decides to take her own life. Cyclops can be seen crying over her ashes as the book concludes. Classic good shit.


X-MEN #138
A chapter ends for the X-Men as Scott Summers leaves the group after the loss of his true love. Scott and Jean were the last two members of the original team that were still with the group, but after this issue the X-Men will be comprised of only members that came on in issue #94.

JOHN BYRNE and CHRIS CLAREMONT did a masterful job on the X-Men series and despite the difficulties that these two creative people had working with each other the end product is something greater than they could have ever created alone. Because of these comic books I wanted to become a writer so that Jean Grey would live on forever, but alas, nothing lasts forever.

Except for love.

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6 Responses to “The Dark Phoenix Saga”

  1. Combat Jack says:

    I didnt know about ensuing beef between Byrne and Claremont, but it makes sense since they put in that legendary work comparable to that piff that causes the break ups of classic mash ups, ala Beatles, ATCQ, Public Enemy, Simon & Garffunkel, etc (nullus). Btw, I wholly disagree with regard to FRANK MILLER’s Daredevil and being a close second. That Elektra shit was waay more hotter than the Phoenix saga, being that Daredevil was more based on our sense of reality than the X-Boys. But that’s just me!

  2. the_dallas says:

    ^yeah, but by the way that Elektra was mercking niggas you knew she was going to die sooner than later. It wasn’t as gut wrenching as the Phoenix saga was even though DD seemed like he was actually alive and living in Midtown Manhattan.

    True story is that my dad was cool with some paid azz Y.T.’s in Pelham Manor who had a crib like the X-Mansion.

  3. Combat Jack says:

    Nullus and no Ma$e (WC Status), and no offense to HumanityCritic, but you mos def deserved the crown dun. Next year it’s yers, or it’s plain that Homo thugs run this. Btw, wtf with the continuos bol omission? Something ain’t right I say!

  4. lar says:

    byrne & claremont all day. shit even tom orzechowski is still the GOAT letterer.

  5. the_dallas says:

    the Bol snub has to be out of some sheer jealosy fit that the queer eyes that run that jernt have for his site. I peeped the Alexa graphs for the sites that beat me and them niggas don’t even rank. It’s not like I am a traffic beast either but at least I charted.

    If everything else pans out for the kid I won’t really feel no kind of way, but otherwise I say burn in hell to the BWA’s.

  6. I don’t know if it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else experiencing issues with your blog. It appears like some of the text within your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Thank you

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