When I was a young impressionable weblogger and I thought I could change the world via my internet connection I started my own clothing line. I called it KILL WHITE TEE! The thought was that plain white tee shirts could be killed with style and swagger.

Plain white tees did die tho’ under the influence of people with common sense. But now the scourge of white tees is returning with an even more ominous agenda… Kanye West collaborates with a high end fashion label to sell a $120 PLAIN WHITE TEE.

It was after that moment I received a call from longtime supporter GabeRockka, who recently ignited his own clothing brand called Artillery Concern. Gabe suggested that it was time to bring back KILL WHITE TEE! to return some sensibility to the white tee game and at the same time keep it evolutionary and funky.

The two(2) designs we are using for this hyper-limited run of KILL WHITE TEE! products will be the iconographic image of Tommie Smith, Juan Carlos and Peter Norman on the medal podium at the Mexico City Olympiad in 1968.


KILL WHITE TEE! will be placed above the image.

The ladies tee won’t take a step back in subtlety. We choose Pam Grier in her empowering role as Coffy to put an end to the plain white tee madness in ladies tapered sizes.


Support and Artillery Concern if you fux with fashion forward Hip-Hop. I’ll post a link for where they’ll be available as soon as the shirts are printed next week.

Thank you Internets.

9 Responses to “KILL WHITE TEE!”

  1. BIGNAT says:

    If the price is right i want one but make a couple with pam for the guys. Even in her matured state she is still fine.

  2. Looks like im probably going to be getting both depending on the prices

  3. Fosterakahunter says:

    Yeah, I’ll go for both of those, just a larger size in wms.

  4. Soundwave says:

    I second what BigNat says. In Miami next week and would love to rock one of those while bopping through the Fontainebleau. Report!

  5. Gaberockka says:

    To those wanting to buy both – the female tee is a female tee SHAPE, not just smaller graded than the mens tees. If you’re a male, you probably won’t want to wear the female tee. But if the demand is there, we might print the Grier graphic on mens tees when these sell out.

  6. TED says:

    I want to buy an XL men’s PAM i’m too white tee for the fists

    dallas, you an XL? i can send you some stuff, maybe i can print some bigger ones up next batch

  7. the_dallas says:

    This first run will not have a men’s tee with the Pam Grier ‘Coffy’ graphic. By all indications people are feeling the tees so the second run of this series won’t be far off.

    Say logged on to (as you do) and I’ll def let you know when I fire up this project again

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