Timberland Turns Forty…


I think I’ve been ramped up for the Timberland Boot Company’s 40th anniversary more than anyone else on the planet. I’m not just hyped for the classics either because Timberland is still making innovative footwear that fits any lifestyle profile.

I just received a couple of pairs to kick of the season. First was the iconic 3-eye moccasin. This is one of my all-time favorite styles. It goes great with khakis or cargo shorts.



The saddle brown leather looks almost too perfect.

Talking about leather I also got these contractor boots. Peep the stitched outsoles on these. FIYAHVERKX. Nah’mean?! I had to put a little Godd Bootgod vid on the internets just to let the people see how it’s going dddddd-down.




And its just getting started. I’m so hyped that I’m not even waiting for Timberland to send me stuff. I’m buying anything I see that looks dope.

It’s a celebration bitches.

3 Responses to “Timberland Turns Forty…”

  1. cocotaso says:

    if you’re the most hyped then i gotta be the second. them constructs are nice, im effin w/ that grain collar.

  2. Fosterakahunter says:

    Those 6″ are AFFICIAL nasty, fam. What other goodies are releasing for the 40th?

  3. the_dallas says:

    They are re-issuing the 40 Belows (natch), but they have some sick shit slated to be retro’d like the World Hikers. Those are my secret flame throwers. Mandatory two(2) copp on those

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