A capital lettered WTF?!? as well as a ‘HO SIT DOWN!’ has to be handed to both BRITNEY SPEARS and INGA ‘Foxy Brown’ MARCHAND. These two broads have both been simultaneously spiraling downward but last week seemed to be the veritable jump off the cliff for these troubled artists.

BRITNEY has been going hard at the Los Angeles party circuit since her separation from cRap music new jack K-FED. This wouldn’t really be too much news since the company she has kept like PARIS HILTON and LINDSAY LOHAN are fairly hardbody when it comes to the after hours scenes. The big difference that BRITNEY has with these chicks is not her pop music starom, but the fact that she has two seeds waiting for her at home. This behavior makes BRITNEY no different than most of the girls that you would meet in any inner city nightclub. Those broads leave their babies at home with their mother or their younger sister or they leave them home alone with a peanut butter sandwich. A book is in the works from her personal assistant and I expect an ABC-TV afterschool special in another year or so.

For BRITNEY it’s like whatever whatever, throw some D’s on that bitch.


FOXY BROWN has been spazzing hard for several years, but I think that her hearing problem has a lot to do with her issues. That shit makes you go crazy when you lose your hearing. And you think you are talking real words but it sounds only like ridiculous retahd yelling and no one can understand you. I feel for FOXY too even though I can’t stand her rapping. I feel for her because she has to support her baby brother PRETTY BOY (real talk is that he’s not too pretty either).

FOXY’s latest epsiode popped off in a beauty salon haircare supply store. I’m seeing a pattern here. If FOXY is kept out of nail salons and beauty salons she doesn’t get arrested. That needs to be part of her probation agreement from now on. She has to order all her beauty supplies online.

18 Responses to “BIMBOS GONE BANANAS…”

  1. Combat Jack says:

    Imo, Fox is still the hottest fem emcee in the game.

  2. Combat Jack says:

    ^ Skills-wise that is.

  3. Drunk Unc 40 says:

    Man I saw Foxy at the Nas concert at Nokia Theater two months ago. Fox needs to sit down. She came out to perform “Affirmative Action” and well…

    “Da loss of err hear-im duffered by ‘err illness makes ‘er dound a limmle deaf (not DEF) om de mike-wa-foam…” (Yes I’m going to hell.)

    BTW – I’m glad you brought this up because I am truly enjoying white celebrities endure “ghetto problems” like Britney at the cluuuub drunk and whylin’ out knowing she got two seeds at home, and now Tom Brady future Republican candidate now stuck with baby mama issues. I stay tuned to US Weekly!!!

  4. miss ahmad says:

    See everyone laughed at me when I said that K Fed wasn’t all that bad, the media twist was that she was holding him down, but the truth is that it appears he was holding her down…

    now she’s all a mess without her man!

    tisk tisk pity pity sometimes life can be so shitty

    and as for Foxy’s hard of hearing violent ass….WTF?

  5. Alex2.0 says:

    “and now Tom Brady future Republican candidate now stuck with baby mama issues.”

    ^he isnt going to be happy making those child support payments. esp since folks are saying she got pregnant on purpose.

  6. Amadeo says:

    As a dude that used to work at child support…Those are going to be some big checks…I wonder if New England uses the shared income model? Is it sad that I kinda enjoy watch a famous white person go through some real ghetto problems?

  7. Combat Jack says:

    ^ Nothing wrong at all brah. Seeing White go through the shredder with issues that’s daily operation to Black = Priceless.

  8. RD says:

    CJ, I aint feelin that last-minute dump Fox released a few weeks ago, I torched the ho on my review Chick needs to get it togther fast


  9. Candice says:

    Well since everyone wants to be down with the brown….let them deal with some ghetto problems. Child support, the state coming in and taking your kids away cause you are out partying, drinking and drugging.

    When K-Fed starts to look like the most stable parent…DAYUM.

    As for Foxy….I think the nail salon fumes and weave glue set her equilibrium off. co-signing on ordering off

  10. Combat Jack says:

    RD, I hear you. She may drop a dud here and there, but I still havent heard a chick who consistently keeps it gully/ tight/ BK West Indian on the mic like her. I spoke to her brother Preddy a coupla months back and he was telling me she had a whole indie Ragga/ Hip Hop joint in the chamber. I also happened to live on her block up until last year and wifey pointed out that since she was mad cool one day and mad ice grill with us every other day, that she was prolly bi-polar, which is starting to ring true today. I notice a correlation with the level of jigs mental instability and their level of mastery on the mic.

  11. Candice says:

    ^CJ…you may be on to something with this statement…
    I notice a correlation with the level of jigs mental instability and their level of mastery on the mic.

    That might be another post altogether.

    And damn….Fox might be able to hook the Britster up with a fresh lacefront right about now.

  12. Eloheem Star says:

    When it comes to White ghetto shit being aired out I think Anna Nicole Smith and Eminem already had that market cornered. Truth is that the white have just as many or more issues as blacks minus the senseless murders of each other. The media just puts a spot light on our shit.

    Foxy Brown may not write all her own lyrics but she damn sure had that Yard- Hip Hop ting pon lock. The Broken Silence album was solid.

  13. the_dallas says:

    being a ghetto mess has no color code. it just has to be hot and stankin’

  14. FaTBoY says:

    Dallas, remember the post a few weeks back about chicks and their hairstyles? Turns out Britney is a “Skee Ball” , in other words a chick wit a lot of phuckin problems. Come to think of it, Foxy fit into one of those descriptions as well wit all that dayum weave in her head, although I haven’t figured out which one she is yet.

  15. the_dallas says:

    I would say that Foxy is the ‘Crazy Lil’ Brother Lacefront’

  16. I Fux says:

    I feel for her because she has to support her baby brother PRETTY BOY (real talk is that he’s not too pretty either)

    ^LMFAO but def no Barkley/Bavetta kissing incident on judging that nuccas looks………………….Yo I saw the Jay-Z Blackout tour or whatever in LA and Foxy came out and banged hard plus she looked like she could ride nice dick……..I was like damn she looks better in person and I would def tap that bitch………..@CJ Game is prolly the craziest right now and dude had the best album of 06′ no slight to my main man Ghost and other notable albums by Lupe,Rhymefest, Dro, NaS and the like………….

  17. she still looks like a black jack-o-lantern…

  18. oniitm55 says:

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