Go peep the homey’s website called Poisonous Paragraphs. He has a drop that talks about some of the toys that were spunoff into cartoons and comic book series. However, the young homey didn’t list the G.O.A.T. of that toy synergy shiite. The Micronauts trump G.I. JOE and even The Transformers.

Originally these toys were made by the same company that manufactured all of the 8-inch fully poseable action figures (C.S. like to rile me by calling them dolls). MEGO Corp. was the boss of that shit during the 1970’s. Kenner came up hard with the Star Wars and G.I.JOE figures, but the Micronauts joints were the sickest and the slickest. Their construction featured some die cast metal parts and they were more articulated than any other action figures. The sickest shit about the toys is how their body parts were interchangeable. BARON KARZA could go from humanoid form into a centaur. The comicbook’s storyline explained the ability to change body parts as part of the microverse society caste system. Rich people would receive poor peoples’ appendages and innards and in this way the rich would be almost immortal. Bad azz BARON KARZA would just gank people for their bodies, but what else do you expect from a total bad azz?

The comics were initially drawn by MICHAEL GOLDEN who also put in work with another toy to comic book series called ROM. If you want to talk about a toy that sucked then you need to mention ROM. Here was an action figure whose only articulation point was the swivel of the arms at the shoulder joint and nothing else. ROM held some kind of gun/lazer/phaser device in it’s right hand and it lit up. but so what. Anyhoo, the Micronauts were the shizznit and if you effed with the comics they were on some ALDOUS HUXLEY meets ‘Logan’s Run’ type steez.






  1. Dart_Adams says:

    Dammit! Dammit! I was saving the Micronauts and Rom The Space Knight (great comic books for great toys as opposed to ones that kinda sucked) for next Tuesday. I’m gonna have to step by pen game up for real next Monday! Good looks on the linkage, Dallas.

    What you know about that classic Micronauts/X Men 4 part mini series back in the day? Real recognize real. One.

  2. jdotnicholas says:

    Man, that packaging is MAD 70’s. That’s the throwback jawn, like food stamps!

  3. Combat Jack says:

    THANK YOU!!!! Mike Golden was the effin GOD and the Micronauts has to be the 2nd BEST MINI SERIES EVER!!! Action figures had to be hot as hell as well!

  4. Candice says:

    This one is over my head but only you can discuss comics, toys and Aldous Huxley in the same damn paragraph. Must be that BTHS. This is why you’re hot! (No Paris Hilton)

  5. Amadeo says:

    I was never on with Micronauts….G.I. Joe was my crack back then.

  6. bfnh says:

    micronauts was before my time, but, peep the updated ones that sota toys (the guys that made the new street fighter figures) were trying to put out a few years back.

    shout out to the kirby dots on karza’s blade.

  7. Gabrielle Ross says:

    i love watching GI Joe, both the cartoon series and the movie. I am hoping that they would make a sequel. –

  8. Jonna Demo says:

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